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  • Most Sought-After Repair Shop in Phoenix For BMW Fuel Injector Service

    Posted on March 2, 2024 by tannerwpuser
    Used BMW Fuel Injector

    Being the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and power, a BMW car is very convenient to drive. But owning such a high end vehicle is not all sunshine and roses. You may have to deal with drivability issues you never knew existed. Fortunately, there are many different things that you can do to keep your BMW in top notch condition; timely fuel injector servicing being the most important one.

    Today’s blog post discusses the necessity of fuel injector servicing in a vehicle. The post also sheds light on the issues that you may have to deal with if your fuel injectors act up. Let’s begin by discussing their functioning…

    Fuel Injector: Why Your BMW Engine Need One

    Located in the cylinder head of the engine, a fuel injector is entrusted with a very simple task of spraying fuel vapor into the combustion chamber at a particular moment of the combustion cycle. Just so you know, timing and quantity of fuel delivery into the cylinder determines how efficiently an engine will function.

    When and how much fuel should be delivered by a fuel injector into the combustion chamber is determined by the Engine Control Unit or ECU. Combined effort of spark plug, intake manifold, and fuel injector is what allows the engine to generate the mechanical torque needed to propel the vehicle forward.

    Fuel Injector: How Its Failure May Impact Your BMW Engine

    If one of the fuel injectors malfunctions or something prohibits the electronically controlled valves to do the job they are entrusted with, not only the engine will have a hard time operating but you may also end up with expensive repairs. Rough engine idle, sluggish engine operation, increased fuel consumption are among the issues that you may have to deal with.

    Okay… now that we know how important these tiny nozzle shaped devices are, let’s discuss the benefits of having your BMW’s fuel injectors serviced periodically.

    BMW Fuel Injector Service: Discussing The Benefits

    Benefit #1- Optimal Engine Performance

    As we’ve already discussed, by aiding the ECU in regulating fuel supply into the combustion chamber a fuel injector plays a crucial role in determining how efficiently a car engine will operate. So if you want to make sure that your BMW engine operates smoothly and efficiently, consider servicing the fuel injectors periodically and help prevent expensive engine repairs down the road.

    Benefit #2- Optimal Fuel Consumption

    Routine fuel injector servicing can also help you save money on fuel. Yup… you read that right. Timely delivery of a precise amount of atomized fuel by the injector helps the engine work the most efficient manner possible. A defective fuel injector may deliver unusually high volume of fuel into the combustion chamber. This is something that may contribute to increased fuel consumption among other issues. The situation will only get worse over time… So you must act promptly.

    Benefit #3- Better Driving Experience

    Supplying a car engine with the requisite amount of fuel is anything but easy. An array of components involved in conveying fuel from the gas tank to the engine. Being one of the key components of the electronic fuel injection system, fuel injector works in guidance of the ECU to meet up the fuel demand of the engine. If you want your BMW engine to operate as smoothly as possible, you must ensure the upkeep of its fuel injector.

    Have your BMW’s Fuel Injector Serviced At Tanner Motors

    Being one of the key components of your BMW’s electronic fuel injection system, the fuel injector needs proper care. Engine misfire, rough engine idle, stalling, sluggish acceleration, unstable RPM gauge readings, a sudden hike in the rate of fuel consumption, and difficulty starting the engine are some of the issues that you may have to deal with if your vehicle’s fuel injector doesn’t function the way it is supposed to.

    BMW Fuel Injector Service

    So, if it occurs to you that one of your BMW’s fuel injectors is acting up, you can reach out to us at Tanner Motors. At our facility in Phoenix, AZ we have certified technicians with the training & experience needed to take care of your BMW. After conducting a thorough inspection our team will be able to tell the precise nature of issue you are dealing with. And, yes… our facility is well equipped to have your vehicle’s fuel injector serviced.

    Call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment or with questions for our team.

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