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  • Lexus Radiator Service In Phoenix

    Posted on April 4, 2024 by tannerwpuser
    Lexus Coolant Leak

    Keeping your Lexus cool and calm under the hood is very important and that is what the radiator does. Think of the radiator as your car’s personal cooling system, making sure your engine doesn’t get too hot while you’re on the road. To prevent your Lexus radiator from getting damaged and keep it running smoothly, you need regular check-ups and maintenance. Let’s look at some signs that show you need to give your Lexus radiator some TLC.

    Signs You Need Radiator Service

    • Lexus is Getting Too Hot: If you see the temperature gauge on your dash starting to creep up higher than normal, it’s your Lexus saying, “I’m feeling too hot!” This could be because the radiator is not doing its job properly because there’s not enough coolant or the radiator is clogged up. Ignoring this could mean big trouble for your engine, so it’s smart to get it checked out fast.
    • Visible Coolant Leaks: When you spot a bright green or orange puddle under your car, it means the coolant which is supposed to stay inside your Lexus, not on the ground, is leaking. This fluid keeps your engine cool, but it can leak because of old hoses, a crack in the radiator, or some connections that aren’t as tight as they should be. You’ll want to fix leaks quickly to keep your engine from overheating.
    • Rust or Strange Colors: If you take a peek at your radiator and notice rust or coolant-looking colors, it is a sign that things are going sour. Rust or discolored coolant can mean the cooling system is getting corroded inside, which can lead to leaks and make your radiator less effective. Getting this sorted out sooner rather than later can save you from bigger headaches.
    • Heater Not Working: After turning on the heater, if it just blows cold air or takes forever to get warm, it might mean the radiator’s not doing its part. The heater needs hot coolant from the engine to warm up your ride, but if the radiator isn’t working right, you’ll be left shivering. Getting this fixed means you and your Lexus can stay warm on those cold drives.

    What Radiator Service Includes

    • Coolant Flush and Refill: The coolant is like the blood of your car’s cooling system, keeping everything at the right temperature. But just like anything else, it can get dirty over time. A coolant flush is like giving the system a good cleanse, washing away all the impurities and sediments that have accumulated. After the flush, putting in new coolant is like starting with a clean slate, making sure your car stays cool and happy.
    • Checking the Radiator and Hoses: Looking over the radiator and hoses is like doing a health check-up. A leaky radiator or a worn-out hose could mean your car loses coolant too fast, and that could lead to overheating. Catching these problems early makes fixing them simpler and cheaper.
    • Testing the Radiator Cap: The radiator cap might seem small, but it’s got a big job—keeping the cooling system under the right pressure. A cap that is cracked can cause leaks or make the engine overheat.
    • Temperature and Pressure Checks: These checks are like making sure your car’s cooling system is breathing okay and that its heart is beating right. Special tools measure how hot the system gets and how much pressure is in there. This makes sure the system is cooling the engine just right, not too hot and not too cold, and that there are no hidden leaks or blockages messing things up.

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