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Auto Diagnostics in Phoenix, AZ

Why Phoenix Chooses Tanner Motors for Auto Diagnostics

When you bring your vehicle in for an auto repair, you’ll first go through the auto diagnostics process. For many people, the auto diagnostics process is a frustrating one that doesn’t provide accurate results the first time around. This is not the case at Tanner Motors. Our shop is dedicated to providing our customers with accurate auto diagnostics—  in an effective process that saves our customers time and money.



Your Shop For Auto Diagnostics

We want to be your one-stop shop for auto diagnostics. No matter what make you drive, we have years of experience finding out what’s wrong with all different types of vehicles. If you are looking for an high-quality auto diagnostics process, stop by our shop today.

Our Auto Diagnostics Services Include:

  •         Engine diagnostics
  •         Transmission diagnostics
  •         Heating and cooling diagnostics
  •         Electrical diagnostics

·         And more!

Skilled, Experienced Technicians & Accurate Diagnosis

When you are getting work done on your vehicle, you want experts in your corner. We have factory-trained technicians with years of experience, who will answer any question you may have about the auto diagnostics process.

Getting an accurate diagnosis the first time is critical, because it saves you time and money. We use modern tools and old-fashioned visual and physical inspections to make sure we always get you the right diagnosis. We take pride in giving you superior repairs while providing you with peace of mind.

No-Pressure Recommendation

All of our repair recommendations are no-pressure. This means that after we provide you with a detailed report of our findings, we’ll let you make the repair decision without pushing you at all. We want you to be in complete control of the repair process— our team is simply here to guide you and answer any questions you have.


Efficient, professional, and friendly

As a middle-aged, single female who drives an older car, and who has also moved around a lot, I have spent hours and hours researching mechanics ... reading reviews, asking neighbors, calling the shop itself to ask questions. Now that I will be here long term, I am so happy that I won't have to go through that process anymore as I am happy to have found my go-to auto repair shop, which is Tanner Motors. They are professional, knowledgable, approachable, courteous ... I can't even think of anything else I could ask for. The shuttle service they provide is so considerate. AND even though they aren't a VW shop, they have my '03 VW running better than ever. Thank you guys so much for taking the extra time to answer questions / explain issues and to ensure my car is running so well. Even though it's old, you treated it as importantly as if it were a new ride that I needed for work. THANKS AGAIN!!!


Phoenix, AZ

If you need Auto Diagnostics, contact Tanner Motors right away. The name you trust. The service you deserve.