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  • Old BMW Car

    When is a BMW Considered Totaled?

    Posted on April 21, 2024 by tannerwpuser

    Have you ever wondered what the term “totaled” could mean when it applies to a BMW? Unfortunately, it is not something that any car owner wants to consider, but it is necessary to know. When a car is declared as totaled, it is because the cost of repairing it is more than the cost of the car. Let’s find out…

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  • Lexus Coolant Leak

    Lexus Radiator Service In Phoenix

    Posted on April 4, 2024 by tannerwpuser

    Keeping your Lexus cool and calm under the hood is very important and that is what the radiator does. Think of the radiator as your car’s personal cooling system, making sure your engine doesn’t get too hot while you’re on the road. To prevent your Lexus radiator from getting damaged and keep it running smoothly, you need regular check-ups and…

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