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  • Best Repair Shop in Phoenix to Fix Engine Stalling Issues in Your BMW

    Posted on February 25, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    BMW Engine Stalling

    BMWs are fun cars to drive, but when your car stalls it can be scary. This can put you in a dangerous situation that can lead to a serious accident. Let’s discuss some signs and symptoms of engine stalls and where to go for help with maintenance and repairs.

    Reasons Your BMW Could Be Stalling

    Trying to locate the reason for your engine’s stalling can be frustrating. Several issues can be causing the problem:

    Bad Battery

    One of the most common reasons for engine stalling is a bad battery. A misconception is that your car will not start with a bad battery. Your car can start, but you risk the chance of stalling. A failing battery isn’t producing enough power. This causes the alternator to work harder. When the alternator is overworked, it leads to stress on the engine, which leads to stalling.

    Dirty Fuel Filter

    If the fuel filter gets clogged, it will reduce the fuel volume. At first, it may seem as though your BMW is struggling to go up hills or to reach highway speeds. After a while, you will begin to experience stalling or misfires, which can put you in danger.

    Faulty Fuel Pump

    If the stalling occurs when the engine temperature rises, this can be a sign of a failing fuel pump. When the pump completely fails, you will not be able to restart the engine.

    Catalytic Converter

    Over time, your catalytic converters can fail. They can get clogged and restrict the flow of exhaust. If this happens, your BMW may run for a few minutes then stall from the exhaust buildup.

    Air Supply Problems

    The air-to-fuel ratio is very important for your car to run smoothly. If the engine isn’t getting enough air, it can experience stalling.

    Crankshaft Position Sensor

    The crankshaft position sensor can cause intermittent stalling issues. When the temperature rises, the coil opens and stalls the engine. However, once the engine cools, the car will start again. This is an obvious warning sign that your BMW needs inspection by a professional.

    Idle Air Control Valve

    Debris can enter into the valve and restrict airflow. Stalling from this cause usually happens when you stop.

    Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor

    A dirty mass airflow sensor will not be capable of measuring the amount of air entering the fuel injection system. The computer needs this information to determine how much fuel to provide the combustion chamber.

    Vacuum Leak

    A vacuum leak allows air to enter. This will disrupt the air to fuel ratio. Stalling from this cause usually occurs during cold idle or when stopped.

    Worn-out Spark Plugs

    A worn-out spark plug can lead to misfires, which can cause engine stalling while idling.

    Bad Gas

    Contaminated gasoline or gas with too much alcohol cannot burn properly. This type of stalling usually occurs shortly after you fill your gas tank.

    Dangers of Stalling in your BMW Stalls

    If your engine stalls while you are driving, you can be in serious trouble. You will lose your power steering and power brakes, making driving very difficult and dangerous. The first thing that you need to do is apply your brakes and try to slow down while steering the car to the side of the road. Next, turn on your hazard lights, then call for a tow.

    If your car stalls while you are sitting still, you won’t be able to move your car to the side of the road. Turn on your hazard lights and call for assistance.

    Diagnosing Your Stalling Issue

    Stalling issues can be frustrating. At Tanner Motors, we can troubleshoot your issue and diagnose your problem using cutting-edge technology, which allows us to fix your BMW quickly and professionally.

    BMW Fuel FIlter Check

    Routine Maintenance

    To keep your BMW in great running condition you need to follow your maintenance schedule. In doing so, you are allowing your trusted BMW mechanic to properly service your car and also discover any issues that may be arising.

    We take pride in our exceptional service. We understand that your car is important to you, and we will keep it running safely. In addition to BMWs, we also repair Volvos, Lexus and Mini Coopers.

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