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  • When to Replace Your Volvo’s Timing Belt From Experienced Mechanics in Phoenix

    Posted on April 16, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Volvo Timing Belt

    Volvos provide amazing performance and are highly-dependable vehicles. To keep them in proper condition they need to be serviced regularly. Regular maintenance is critical to keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly.

    One overlooked repair by many Volvo owners is timing belt replacement. Below, let’s talk about when to replace your timing belt and also some signs and symptoms that service is necessary.

    The Purpose of the Timing Belt

    The timing belt is either a toothed rubber belt or in some cases a chain. Its function is to rotate the engine’s crankshaft and cam. This helps to ensure that each cylinder fires at the right time. The timing belt is located in the front of the engine under a timing cover. If the belt is defective, your engine will not be able to run.

    Common Symptoms of a Timing Belt Issue

    A damaged or worn out timing belt can begin to slip or break. When it fails, you will not be able to start your car. If you are driving, the engine will drastically lose power or stop immediately. Sometimes there is not a warning before it fails, but below are some common signs:


    You may hear a squealing noise. This noise can occur when idling, accelerating, decelerating, or backing up. The timing belt isn’t the only part that can cause squealing. No matter what the issue, you should never hear squealing coming from your car. If you do, have it checked out right away.

    Ticking Noise

    A worn out timing belt can create ticking sounds inside the motor. Ticking noises can also be a sign of low oil pressure and improper lubrication. Do not ignore ticking noises. Bring your Volvo into Tanner Motors. Let our knowledgeable mechanics diagnose the issue and get it fixed before you experience further engine damage.

    Engine Won’t Start

    A broken timing belt will cause your car not to start. The starter motor will engage, but the engine will not turn over. A broken timing belt can also cause additional damage to the oil pump, water pump, crankshaft bearing, and cylinder heads.

    Engine Misfires

    If a timing belt is failing, it can affect the engine’s firing rate. The belt can slip, causing the cylinder on the camshaft drive to open or close prematurely. This improper timing can cause a misfire. Continuing to drive your Volvo while experiencing misfire can result in permanent engine damage.

    An Oil Leak

    There are many components that can fail and cause an oil leak. If the oil is leaking from the timing belt cover, the cover may be loose or the gasket may have failed. Leaking oil can result in premature timing belt wear and an overheating engine.

    How to Know When to Replace Your Timing Belt

    You may notice one of the previous symptoms. However, your timing belt can fail without warning. To prevent a shocking timing belt failure, it is important to follow Volvo’s replacement guidelines.

    If you are having any work done, that requires your timing belt to be removed, we recommend that you replace your belt at that time.

    Your timing belt is vital for your engine to run. If you believe that you are experiencing an issue with it or another component, call us today.

    Tanner Motors Will Help

    Tanner Motors has been servicing the Phoenix area since August of 2004.  We strive to provide dealership quality service at better prices. We are committed to excellence. In addition to Volvos, we also repair BMW, Lexus, and Mini Coopers.

    There is a common misconception by many Volvo owners. They believe that routine maintenance and service has to be performed at a dealership. Dealerships often make car owners feel that this is necessary due to warranty issues but this is not true. At our Tanner Motors service center, we use cutting-edge technology to keep your Volvo running smoothly. We also use SmartFlow, the most technologically-advanced solution in the industry. We will maintain your Volvo with dealership-quality but without dealership cost.

    Volvo Timing Belt Replacement

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