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  • When To Replace the Steering Column of Your Volvo

    Posted on July 7, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    Volvo Steering Wheel Issue

    Volvo’s are known for class, style, and the safety features that the brand offers. This is why it is a vehicle driven by all types of people who feel safe in their commute and while driving their families to destinations. Volvo does not just design their cars with the family in mind, though. These vehicles are designed to be economical, safe, and efficient overall. This mindset is carried over to the suspension and steering systems.

    Regardless of how well designed this vehicle is, you may still encounter issues with your steering column due to natural wear and tear of parts. Although the steering column is an essential part of your vehicle, most people do not often think about it. The steering column connects the steering wheel to the steering box. Inside the steering column are several essential components:

    • the airbag mechanism
    • the tilt steering mechanism
    • the steering shaft
    • the ignition lock housing

    Without a functioning steering column, you will not be able to steer properly or possibly at all. The steering column relays all movements to your tires. Without this properly-working connection, you will not be able to control how your car moves.

    Signs Your Steering Column Needs to Be Replaced

    The ability to steer is essential to your safety as well as the health of the Volvo. Therefore, it is vital to watch out for any possible signs or symptoms. If you miss these signs, you may not be able to maneuver or make simple turns.

    The steering wheel will not return to the middle

    When you are driving and you complete a turn, your Volvo’s steering wheel should always return to the center. If it does not, there is an issue somewhere in the steering column. You should take your vehicle to your automotive technician or mechanic to get a proper diagnosis.

    The steering wheel is difficult to operate

    Another common sign that your steering column needs to be replaced is that it is more difficult to operate and turn it. Again, this should be quite noticeable, as you will know exactly how your car usually feels from daily commuting to running everyday errands. So if suddenly your steering wheel feels different, you should sit up and take notice.

    You may notice that it feels tighter than usual or that making turns is suddenly more challenging. This could be a sign that some type of road debris has made its way into the steering column, making it more difficult to function properly.

    Strange noises are coming from the steering wheel

    If the steering column’s gears or bearings are getting worn down, you may notice strange noises coming from your steering wheel. These noises could sound like grinding, squeaking, or clicking sounds.

    The tilt mechanism does not lock

    Your Volvo has a tilt steering mechanism that allows you to lock your steering wheel into the position that you find most comfortable. This feature is meant to accommodate all drivers, regardless of their height or size. However, one of the signs of an issue with the steering column is that the wheel is no longer locked into a specific position.

    This is usually a minor change that most people may not even notice. It is prudent to verify that the steering wheel is locked every once in a while. If it is not locked, try to lock it into position. If you find that you can not lock it, this is a warning that your car may be experiencing issues with your Volvo’s steering column. You will want to call your mechanic to set up an appointment to further diagnose and analyze any potential problems.

    You are experiencing rough handling with the vehicle

    Sometimes drivers just notice that their car is not behaving the way it used to. This could be a symptom of the steering column, but you might have other problems as well, such as needing new tires or having some type of leak in the transmission system. It is best to contact a professional, set an appointment, and inform them of all the symptoms you have noticed so they can inspect your Volvo properly.

    Choosing The Best Service For Your Volvo

    Our professionals at Tanner Motors Volvo Steering Column Repairare ready to help all Volvo drivers with any service, repair, and maintenance need. Let our experienced mechanics demonstrate our expertise in resolving any issue you’re having in your Volvo or any make and model. Please stop by or call us today to set a convenient appointment, and let us show you why we’re the best auto service center in your area.

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