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  • When It’s Time to Have a Transmission Flush of Your Volvo in Phoenix

    Posted on February 9, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    Volvo Gear Shift Problem

    Regular inspections of the transmission fluid of your Volvo is recommended in your owner’s manual as important preventative measures in the quality performance of the car. The transmission is a vital component necessary to the function of a car and the fluid enables the engine of the car to connect to the transmission. A transmission flush can be a necessary task that can solve the compromised quality performance of your Volvo.

    Often, performance and safety issues arise by transmission fluid issues. The transmission machinery itself is subject to wear and tear over time and can contaminate the fluid with metal debris.

    Additionally, the fluid itself, as it ages or gets further polluted, could break down and lose its effectiveness. A transmission fluid change is a common maintenance job that can help prevent this decay process. However, a full transmission flush is a more comprehensive service for more serious transmission system issues. It fully cleans and flushes the system with fresh transmission fluid.

    Extremely Dark and/or Debris-Filled Transmission Fluid

    Dirt and debris can find its way into the transmission fluid, darkening the hue and thickening the consistency. Suboptimal fluid conditions indicated by this dark color and debris lowers the efficiency of the fluid to power the transmission, and in turn, the engine. This will affect all parts of the transmission and engine involved and potentially cause further internal damage if continued to drive with subpar quality transmission fluid.

    If you observe this consistency and color of your transmission fluid, it is advised to seek attention from a professional to perform a transmission flush of your Volvo’s system.

    Unnatural Sounds from the Transmission

    If you are hearing a grinding, unnatural noise emanating from your transmission, it could be a signal that your transmission fluid is breaking down. The fluid may be full of sludge and debris, causing rough collision of the mechanical transmission components and thus creating the grinding sounds. It is important to check the fluid level and quality as these sounds may stand as an auditory warning of a failing transmission system.

    Problems with Gear Shift and Performance

    If the transmission system is full of debris dirt, it could slow down your transmission’s response to shifting gears or staying in gear. If your vehicle is changing gears too quickly or slowly, this could endanger both you and on the drivers on the road. You may not even be able to change gears at all if the transmission system is too clogged. You could find yourself slipping out of gears as the transmission fluid is no longer delivering enough pressure or power to the required mechanisms to run the vehicle.

    It is also dangerous to drive if there is unpredictable gear performance as shifting lanes and other gear functions are now compromised. It is important to regularly meet with an expert for an inspection of the car and avoid these safety problems to maintain the safest and smoothest driving experience possible.

    Surging and Slowing

    Clean, optimal-quality transmission fluid ensures a smooth acceleration and deceleration of your Volvo. If the fluid is dirty, it could create a disconnected flow and impact your speed while driving. If you notice your Volvo is surging or slowing at times, the experienced specialists at auto repair shops can solve this using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to flush the system.

    Tanner Motors Will Serve You and Your Volvo

    It is crucial to schedule routine maintenance appointments to check the transmission and fluid in your Volvo. The automotive experts at Tanner Motors provide a superior customer service experience and would be happy to conduct a transmission flush on your Volvo. We primarily service clients in and around the Phoenix, AZ community.

    Volvo Transmission Fluid Flush

    Flushing your transmission system ensures your Volvo’s smooth and safe performance standards. Fortunately, a transmission fluid flush is a service that can be easily and quickly delivered by our specialists who are dedicated to the high quality you deserve.

    Our customer driven philosophy ensures we are treating your car with the best certified technicians and authentic original equipment manufacturer parts. We offer appointments covering a range of affordable services for your Volvo and other vehicles. We value our role in serving an informed customer.

    If you would like us to perform a transmission flush or would like to learn more about our complete services with Volvo and other cars, please contact us right away. We look forward to becoming your service focused on an innovative, customer driven community.

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