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  • Wheel Vibrations Can Indicate Future Problems in Your Audi

    Posted on December 6, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Audi Steering Wheel Issue

    A failure to acknowledge issues under the hood of your Audi when they arise can cause problems to develop into more serious issues that may be cause for concern. Wheel vibrations as you drive may seem harmless enough and could even appear to simply be a byproduct of the current road conditions. Be sure that the vibrations are not being caused by something in the wheels themselves.

    Your wheels are some of the most important components in your Audi, and a problem with them could mean serious issues are occurring under the hood. If you suspect that your wheels are vibrating due to unnatural causes, take your car in to be serviced immediately.

    The Wheel System in your Audi

    Wheels may seem simple enough on the surface, but the benefits they provide are more important than what is seen at first glance. The entire wheel system is composed of many pieces, all of which can have problems at any moment. Therefore, determining the cause of the vibrations in your wheel system means looking at how the system works to understand what may be wrong.

    To begin with, there is a major difference between tires and wheels, though people often equate them to one and the same. Your tires are the black rubber circles that make contact with the road, but your wheels are the metal piece of the vehicle that attaches to the tire. The wheels of a car connect directly to the axles. They also direct the tires which direction to go on the road.

    As you turn the steering wheel, many things happen under the hood that turns your motion into action from the car. Most importantly, the drive shaft of your vehicle turns as the combustion engine burns the gas within it. As this occurs, the drive shaft’s motion allows power to be sent to the rear axle and wheels, which causes them to rotate. Your motion with the steering wheel controls the direction of the vehicle’s front tires, but the rear tires are controlled by an entirely different process.

    Therefore, issues that may arise under the hood can occur with either the front or rear wheels, but can be entirely unrelated.

    Common Causes For Wheel Vibrations

    Fortunately, there are a number of common causes for wheel vibrations that may be indicative of nothing severely wrong under the hood. With that said, there are some more serious causes for wheel vibrations. If you suspect your wheels are vibrating for a reason that isn’t the road you are driving on, consider taking your car in right away to a trusted Audi specialist.

    Misaligned Tires

    The alignment of your wheels and tires is important to keeping the overall direction of your vehicle constant. If you have hit a curb in the past, your alignment is probably off. However, the alignment can be changed by simply driving an impressive number of miles as well. Take your car in if it has been a while since your alignment was straightened.

    Unbalanced Wheels

    The tires on your vehicle are supposed to be rotated every so often, and if this does not occur, there may be uneven wear and tear on certain tires. This can cause the wheels of your vehicle to vibrate substantially.

    Suspension Issues

    The more serious potential cause of your vehicle’s wheels shaking could be issues with the suspension system. This system keeps your tires attached to the axles and ensures you have a smooth and reliable ride. If something has gone wrong in the suspension system, the cushion between you and the bumps in the road might have disappeared.

    Audi Tire Check

    How Tanner Motors Can Solve Your Audi Needs

    At Tanner Motors, we know how important it can be to solve wheel vibration issues in your Audi. You’ve come to love the reliability of your car and wish to restore it to its former glory. Our extensive experience helping clients in the area of Phoenix, AZ means we can help get your car back out on the road quickly. Please give us a call today or come down to see for yourself why you should trust us with your vehicle. We look forward to working with you in the future for all your Audi’s needs.

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