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  • What are the Signs of a Cooling Fan Module Failure in a Volvo?

    Posted on May 21, 2022 by tannerwpuser
    Warm Air In Volvo Car Cabin

    Many Volvo owners have experienced a cooling fan module failure problem on occasion. This module seems to fail more often than expected, which has previously led to recall. In 2009, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC and Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. recalled certain model years 2008 and 2009 S80, V70 and XC70. Volvo found out that under some conditions, the engine cooling fan stopped working due to a software programming fault in the fan control module.

    • The chief function of the cooling fan module is to prevent your engine from overheating. This happens by increasing the flow of air around the engine. Your Volvo turns the cooling fan module on when the engine is too hot to avoid wear and tear and also complete engine failure.
    • The cooling fan module is also responsible for maintaining a constant supply of fresh air into the cabin of the car by controlling the condenser and blower that supplies the air. Cool air produced in the car’s A/C system is blown into the car, maintaining a fresh supply of air.

    Warning Signs of a Cooling Fan Module Failure

    Just like most other components in a car, a cooling fan module is prone to failure. This can be due to several reasons, ranging from software programming errors, electrical wiring, or old age. It is important to be aware of the changes in the normal functioning of your cooling system for purposes of proper planning and avoiding inconveniences. Below, we take you through potential signs that your cooling fan module is failing or has failed.

    • Warm air in the cabin: This is the most obvious sign. A constant stream of warm air from the cabin vents is the strongest indicator of a failed cooling fan module. It causes the AC’s motors to fail. Hence, the supply of fresh cool air is hindered. Hot, stuffy air in the cabin is the last thing you want on a simmering, hot day.
    • Engine overheating: A cooling fan module failure will cause the engine to overheat and your Volvo will notify you on the dashboard on your temperature gauge. A weak cooling fan module makes the fans move at a slower speed and will not be able to cool down the engine properly. Just like your body, your engine performs optimally only under a specific temperature. You should never continue driving if your engine has overheated. If you continue driving, you risk damaging the engine and other internal components, too. Pull off the road immediately and call your mechanic if you experience overheating.
    • The fan stops blowing air: Anyone who has driven a car will realize that there is a problem when the fan isn’t running when the air conditioning is on. If the cooling fans are not running at all, then this may be a sign that the fan control module is damaged. Because the cooling fan module controls the cabin AC and is part of the engine cooling system, when it fails, your engine will overheat. If you drive your Volvo without the fans running, you increase the chances of an engine failure or a blown head gasket. The cabin will also be almost inhabitable due to excessive warm and stuffy air in the case of a hot summer day.
    • The fan runs continuously: Continuous spinning of fans even after switching off your engine is unusual. A faulty module will make the fans run continuously. The fans are meant to run only when the engine temperature begins to get too hot to keep the components under your hood lower temperature. They also need to go off when the desired temperature is achieved. If the fans run continuously, then the cooling fan control module is faulty and needs to be checked immediately.

    Volvo Cooling Fan Module Repair

    Your cooling fan module is a very essential component of the cooling fan assembly. It is very key to keeping your engine operating at a safe temperature. On account of this, if you notice any of these symptoms and you suspect that you might have a problem with your cooling fan module, it is important to have your vehicle looked over by one of our expert mechanics at Tanner Motors, Phoenix, AZ.

    At Tanner Motors, we take pride in working on your Volvo, BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Audi vehicles. From our factory-trained technicians to the latest in factory-level diagnostic equipment, we are committed to providing the best service possible to you and your vehicle. Call us at 602-241-9888 or visit us at 10221 North Cave Creek Road in Phoenix!

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