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    Posted on November 19, 2022 by tannerwpuser
    Volvo Oil Leak

    Volvos is regarded as a highly- innovative automobile brand that uses cutting-edge technology to design its vehicles. These automobiles need to be properly maintained to keep them in the best working condition. One of the major types of regular maintenance any vehicle needs is fluid check, change, or replacement. You must always be aware of the level and condition of the engine oil in your Volvo engine so as to make it work properly because one issue that can greatly affect the oil level is an oil leak.

    An oil leak may have major negative effects on your Volvo, so it’s critical that you know what to do if one occurs. The following information will help you stay informed on the frequent symptoms and causes of oil leaks in your Volvos.

    Possible Sources of Oil Leaks

    Oil passes through different parts of your Volvo’s engine, and as a result, a number of problems could arise along the line and cause an oil leak. Here are some of the most common causes:

    Cracked Oil Pan

    The first source of an oil leak in your Volvo is a damaged oil pan. This is also the most prevalent cause of a leak. An oil pan is the part of a vehicle where the oil sits while it isn’t flowing through the engine. A crack or damage to this element would result in a large volume of leaks.

    You may wonder how an oil pan gets damaged. Since the oil pan is located at the bottom of the vehicle’s engine, heavy rocks or debris can hit and damage it when you are driving on the road. The oil drain has a plug, and this plug is at the bottom of the pan. The plug may also become loose and produce a leak. Although an oil pan leak may appear to be a significant problem, it is usually simple to fix when you allow an expert to do the job.

    Engine gasket failure

    Engine gasket crack is another source of oil leak in Volvo. Gaskets are seals that are found in between the metal components of your Volvo engine. These gasket seals are usually exposed to high temperatures and harsh chemicals, so you can expect them to break down, thereby allowing oil or coolant to leak. Aside from the exposure to heat and chemicals, the gasket can also leak oil when it is overtightened or improperly installed.

    Oil Filter

    A malfunctioning oil filter is a third possible source of oil leakage. The oil filter in your Volvo is regularly subjected to high pressure, which can cause the filter to be loosened or knocked out of alignment. If you don’t change your Volvo’s oil filter for an extended period of time, it will develop a hole. Also, incorrect installation of the oil filter or insertion of a very small filter can lead to an oil leak.

    Cracked Engine Block or Cylinder Head

    A fractured engine block or cylinder head is the last cause of an oil leak that we would look at. However, this problem is significantly less common among the oil leakage causes. Overheating is the main reason for this type of oil leak. When the engine becomes too hot, the engine block and cylinder head can crack. Damage to these components not only causes oil leaks but can also lead to catastrophic damage to the engine. If you feel that the engine block or cylinder head has broken, you should take it to a skilled repair shop right away.

    Detecting and Repairing Oil Leaks

    The first sign of an oil leak is usually increased oil usage. If you discover that your Volvo is consuming a lot of oil than usual, there is a chance that you have an oil leak.

    Oil leaks can also cause oil puddles to gather beneath your car. If you notice oil puddles in your driveway or usual parking areas, your vehicle is most likely leaking oil.

    However, not all oil leaks result in oil pools of oil. Leaks generated by a damaged cylinder head, for example, are very difficult to detect since they do not necessarily result in puddles. Checking your oil and coolant caps is the best approach to detecting a leak caused by a fractured cylinder head.

    Volvo Oil Filter Replacement

    Volvo Experts at Tanner Motors Can Help

    If you notice oil under your Volvo, you’ll want a professional you can rely on to solve the problem. Our specialists at Tanner Motors are professionals in the repair and maintenance of Volvo and other European brands! In Phoenix, AZ, we are the leading auto shop for Volvo car owners. We will be delighted to assist you in keeping your Volvo in top condition. Give us a call or visit us now.

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