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  • Tips to Detect Suspension Problems in Your Lexus

    Posted on November 2, 2022 by tannerwpuser
    Lexus Suspension

    The suspension system of a Lexus is what keeps your ride smooth and absorbs all the bumps in the road along the way. Without a good suspension system, your ride in a Lexus would be rather unpleasant and jarring. When you detect suspension problems in your Lexus, these issues are rather noticeable for the most part.

    The suspension setup in your Lexus is designed to make your ride the best yet by minimizing the effects of quick braking, taking corners quickly, and driving over potholes. In fact, Lexus models are designed for comfort and class, so it is only natural that these vehicles would also have the best suspension system setups, too.

    However, when something goes wrong with the suspension in your Lexus, it can be a frustrating experience. Here are a few tips that will allow you to suspect a suspension issue is coming on and allow you to prepare for it adequately.

    Signs of Suspension Failure in a Lexus

    There are a few signs your Lexus may show of suspension failure that you may not be able to identify as such until it’s too late. Keep your eye out for these occurrences, as they could be indicative of oncoming suspension failure in your Lexus.

    • Vehicle pulling to the side when driving: If your vehicle pulls significantly to the right or left, causing you to constantly fight with your steering wheel to keep it straight, it’s usually a sign that something is going on with the suspension of your Lexus.
    • Harsh jolts during your ride: An obvious sign that your vehicle is having suspension issues is an obviously bumpy ride that grows even more so with time. When you hit a pothole and your Lexus shifts more than normal, it can be a serious sign of a suspension issue.
    • Uneven wear on your tires: If your tires are wearing down more in the front than the back or on one side more than the other, it can be indicative of suspension failure in your Lexus.
    • A corner of your vehicle sits lower than the others: When your shocks begin to wear down it can cause one side of your vehicle to sink lower than the others. This often occurs alongside uneven tire wear, which is a key indicator of suspension failure.
    • Nosediving when you come to a stop: If your Lexus lurches forward when you try to stop, it can be a sign of worn shocks or struts. Even if you don’t know what these parts are, they play a big role in the suspension setup of your Lexus.

    Why the Suspension in Your Lexus Might Fail

    Without troubleshooting, you’ll likely never know why the suspension in your Lexus has failed. However, a trained professional can most certainly tell you why the suspension in your Lexus is acting up. Here are a few common reasons why the suspension in a vehicle might fail:

    • Control arms that are damaged: Most likely presenting as rattling or presenting as steering issues, damaged control arms are responsible for aligning your steering abilities with your wheel connections.
    • Wheel misalignment: Occurring from a number of causes, wheel misalignment can also lead to suspension problems in your Lexus. Unevenly worn tires and the pulling of wheels, while you steer, can also be a significant sign of misaligned wheels.
    • Broken springs: This can occur through sudden and spontaneous damage or wear and tear, but you’ll likely notice a sagging in the corners of your vehicle if your springs break.
    • Worn out shock absorbers: With regular wear and tear, your shock absorbers can become broken or cracked. They can even mushroom out, which is an additional issue.

    Lexus Suspension Repair

    Tanner Motors Can Help You With Suspension Problems in Your Lexus

    When you experience suspension issues in your Lexus, just know you aren’t alone. Our professionals at Tanner Motors will assist with these issues. Located in Phoenix, AZ, Tanner Motors has all the answers you are searching for in problems with your Lexus. With honesty and professionalism at the forefront of our services, our repair shops provide expert assistance for the needs of our clients. If you need help with the suspension in your Lexus today, give us a call at (602) 241-9888.

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