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  • Tips from the Car Geeks of Phoenix for Your Volvo’s HVAC Compressor Maintenance

    Posted on March 15, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    Volvo AC

    Proper maintenance is important to make sure that your car will work well for a long time. Poor maintenance of any part, including the HVAC compressor, can lead to the component no longer working. It can slowly cause it to break down if the car owner forgoes fixing it at all. These breakdowns will potentially be costly in the process.

    Some of the maintenance tips that all car owners should follow to ensure their HVAC compressor lasts as long as possible include those listed below.

    Check the Inlet Air Filter

    Most compressors are going to have an inlet air filter. The purpose of this filter is to make sure that the clean air intake to the compressor is good. It can also be a type of silencer. It is important to have this filter checked out often to ensure that it is clean. When the filter gets clogged, it may not be as efficient as before. Dirty air can wear out other parts of your Volvo faster as well.


    It is important to have the right alignment of the motor and the compressor to help everything to work smoothly. Listen to see if there are any excessive vibrations or abnormal noise that shows up often. This may be a sign that the alignment is not correct, and you need to visit a mechanic.

    Run the Air Conditioner Once a Week

    It is a good idea to run the air conditioner at least once a week for a few minutes. This will ensure that the gas pressure is making its way to the compressor and that all the parts are working properly. When you do this, you need to turn the air conditioner on to the highest fan speed and the coldest setting possible. It only has to run a few minutes.

    Run the Defrost

    The next thing that you should try is a defrost. It should go on for about five minutes to clean out the whole system. This type of defrost is going to help prevent the mildew that may start to get into the vents. It can clean out the moisture. This can help the whole system work better while also ensuring there is not an awful smell that gets into the car.

    Run the Air Conditioner in Winter

    This may seem a bit silly, but the point is to make sure that the humidity is kept to a minimum inside of the car. Not only is the air conditioner a good tool to use to make sure that the car stays cool, it will also work to remove some of the humidity that likes to build up, even in the winter. It can be a good way to remove any necessary fog so you can see while driving in cold weather.

    Recharge the System

    A Volvo owner should consider recharging the whole system on occasion to help it work as well as possible. Every two years is good timing for this. You simply need to refresh the air conditioning part of the system with a little lubricant and refrigerant. A licensed mechanic is often the best person to do this work to prolong the whole system and prevent any potential problems with it later.

    Visit a Licensed Mechanic

    At least once a year, though once every season is best, you should take your Volvo in and have it checked out by a licensed mechanic. This is one of the best ways to figure out if there is a potential issue with the HVAC compressor and can get it fixed before the winter or summer comes and you need the system to work.

    At Tanner Motors in Phoenix, AZ, we Volvo AC Refrigerant Rechargeare here to assist with all of your Volvo repair needs. Our certified mechanics can take a look at your Volvo and determine what needs repaired and fixed to keep you safe on the road. We are even able to help with routine maintenance to make sure the Volvo does not break down on you and to keep more money in your pocket. Contact us today to get your appointment scheduled. We look forward to earning your trust as a repeat customer.

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