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  • The Premier Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix to Repair Suspension Issues in Your Lexus

    Posted on May 20, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    Lexus Suspension

    The suspension system on your Lexus has the important job of keeping your ride smooth and protecting the car from road impact damage. With a properly-working suspension system, impacts are softened, braking is not as harsh, and overall, the driver and passengers are more comfortable during the drive.

    A Lexus car is a reputable & reliable model that is internationally known for its comfort. Their models are built with top-rated suspension technology. This needs proper maintenance & repairs from time to time to keep it working as designed.

    If your suspension system is showing signs of wear and tear, it may be due to faulty materials, age of the parts, or it could be caused by accidental damage. Let’s dive deeper into the reasons the suspension may fail in your Lexus.

    Why does the suspension fail?

    There are many reasons why a suspension may fail. Not all of the reasons can be prevented, but routine maintenance and other steps can be taken to avoid them. Regular vehicle inspections, routine maintenance, careful driving behaviors, and avoiding excessively bad roads that are riddled with potholes can help prolong the life of your vehicle’s suspension.

    These are some of the more common reasons for suspension failure:

    • Broken Springs: When springs are broken, your Lexus might feel as if it is sagging on one side or the other. Springs are an essential part of the suspension system, and if they are damaged, it can cause a faulty suspension.
    • Control arms are damaged: if you hear rattling or if there are steering issues when driving, then it may be due to damaged control arms. This could be a cause of a faulty suspension.
    • Worn out shock absorbers: Shock absorbers face daily wear and tear from regular use. They can crack, break, or just become more inefficient. If you notice you can feel every bump in the road when you couldn’t before, then it’s an indication to get this checked before it leads to suspension failure.
    • Misaligned wheels: Wheels can become misaligned due to various causes, but they all lead back to suspension issues. If you notice uneven tire wear patterns, or you feel a pulling sensation when you’re steering your Lexus, then it could lead to a failing suspension.

    Warning Signs Of Suspension Failure

    There are visible signs of suspension failure that can alert you to a problem. Below are some indications that you need to bring your car to a reputable auto shop for inspection:

    • Uneven tire wear: Tires should be rotated regularly so they wear down at the same rate. If there are signs of uneven tire wear patterns, then maybe the suspension is failing and uneven to keep the car at a balanced and stable level.
    • Sagging corner: The suspension has shock absorbers that keep your car a bit elevated above the tires. When there is a faulty suspension then you may notice that one side of your car is sitting lower than the other sides.
    • Greasy shocks: Shocks should not be greasy or oily. If they are, it could be due to a fluid leak. This needs to be inspected and repaired as soon as possible.
    • Bumpy ride: This may be the most common sign of suspension failure. If your Lexus is normally very smooth but now jolts more at every curve, or every bump is felt more significantly, then this could be a clear sign of suspension failure.
    • Lurching forward when braking: Your car should maintain its stability. If it’s nose-diving when you brake, even gentle braking, then it could be a faulty suspension.

    Tanner Motors is Your Premier Auto Repair Shop in Phoenix

    If you think your suspension needs to be inspected, come to Tanner Motors. We are friendly, fast, and knowledgeable. Our expert technicians will take excellent care of your Lexus, and treat your vehicle like it’s our own.

    Lexus Suspension Inspection

    We proudly treat our customers as you would your best friend. We keep our lines of communication clear, so you know exactly what’s going on with your car, and what the plan is to fix it.

    Our vision is to be innovative and be a company that strives to improve. We’ll work hard to accommodate your budget. We conveniently serve the Phoenix, AZ area and the surrounding communities. Bring your Lexus in today for outstanding service. Call us today or drop by for a visit.

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