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  • The Necessity of Supercharger Oil In Your MINI

    Posted on April 17, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    MINI Supercharged Engine

    MINI Coopers are sporty cars with clever engineering and unbeatable maneuverability. They are considered some of the most durable and reliable cars on the road. However, they will need some specialized care by a qualified mechanic in order to maintain their reputation.

    One way that car owners are able to take care of their MINI is to keep up with the routine maintenance. Supercharger oil is an important component that helps the MINI live up to the performance standards you’ve come to expect. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this type of oil is so important.

    The Supercharger in Your Mini

    A supercharged Mini has an additional kit that is bolted onto your engine. It provides extra power to unleash the full potential of your Mini Cooper. The supercharger is simply an air compressor. It forces more air than usual into your engine. Your O2 sensor compensates by adding more fuel to match the ratio. From this, you get more output from your engine.

    The supercharger itself needs oil to ensure the components are running smoothly without friction. However, it is not your typical engine oil. This is an important distinction, so read on for more details.

    Why is specialty oil important for your supercharger?

    When you drive your MINI, it is important for you to use supercharger oil to keep it running properly. The supercharger system in many MINI’s will need lubrication, similar to what the engine needs, but the oil should be a specific type of synthetic oil. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations or ask one of our technicians to explain this distinction when they are performing maintenance on your MINI.

    You may go through this oil faster than engine oil. It’s important to check your supercharger often to ensure that it doesn’t ever run dry.

    Supercharger Maintenance

    Engines in any car can go through a lot of stress. There is a ton of pressure and heat necessary to move the parts throughout the car. This may lead to some of the engine parts wearing out and breaking as time goes on. This is normal for a vehicle, but the right maintenance will ensure these components do not undergo excessive wear and tear while you are driving.

    We will keep your supercharger from failing due to a lack of proper oil. This will prevent an unnecessary and large repair bill.

    If you are concerned about which supercharger oil to use, it is important to talk to a qualified mechanic at our shop. We will explain the benefits of using this specific oil in your supercharger to help your MINI engine perform better. We can also help you with a full inspection of your MINI Cooper to see if there are any potential problems that need fixed so you can stay safe on the road.

    Tanner Motors for your MINI

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    MINI Supercharger Maintenance

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