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  • The Most Common Reasons for a Dead Battery in Your BMW

    Posted on September 16, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Coroded BMW Battery

    When it comes to a dynamic and enjoyable driving experience, BMWs are extremely reliable when maintained properly. Of all the various components and pieces under the hood of your car, the battery is undoubtedly one of the most important components of your BMW.

    Without a functioning battery, your car will not start. For that reason, if you suspect the battery in your car may be on the fritz, it is best to go get a new battery immediately to avoid any frustrating no-starts in your upcoming journeys.

    The Important Functions of the Battery

    When a key is inserted into your vehicle or your press the button to start your car, a signal is sent to your car’s battery that tells it to begin converting chemical energy into electrical energy.

    This electric energy is then delivered to the starter within your vehicle. It cranks the engine. Without the battery, none of this would happen.

    Besides the important task of starting your engine, the battery is also responsible for powering all the electronic components of your vehicle and the amenities of your dashboard with the help of the alternator.

    An often unknown fact with cars is that the battery is not powering your vehicle constantly after it starts up. The alternator takes over after initial ignition and provides power to the engine until you turn your vehicle off again. The battery sends out small jolts of energy that are used to power electrical components in tandem with the alternator.

    Inside a Car Battery

    To understand why a battery may go dead, it is important to first look at the components of the battery. Most traditional batteries have six cells that can produce about two volts of energy each.

    There are typically two plates attached to the battery that are soaked in sulphuric acid and trigger a reaction between those plates. This reaction results in the production of electrons that generate electricity as they move around the plate.

    When you attempt to start your engine or do anything else that needs electricity, these electrons flow out of the battery and are converted into usable power. When you jumpstart a car, you are essentially providing the other car’s battery with electrons and energy.

    Common Reasons for a Dead Battery

    There are a myriad of reasons why the battery of your vehicle may have died. It is important to check your voltage every few months. If this feature is available to you, simply visually make sure that nothing is obviously wrong with the battery. With that said, here are some common reasons for a dead battery:

    Human Error

    Most dead batteries are caused because the owner of a vehicle accidentally made a mistake that left the battery on. This could be leaving the headlights or radio on when the engine is no longer running. Without being charged by the alternator, your battery can quickly die. Leaving a door ajar can sometimes also leave interior lights on for extended periods of time and drain the battery. Ensure that your car and lights are always fully off whenever you leave it.

    End of Battery Life

    Eventually, your battery will simply reach end-of-life status. There is nothing that can be done, and it is the responsibility of all car owners to replace it when necessary. If your battery is not recharging after a jump start, then you should consider buying a new battery. The typical lifespan of a car battery can be anywhere from two to five years, so if you are beyond this range, then you may need a new battery.

    Bad Alternator

    The alternator recharges your battery when the engine is running. The motion of the engine is turned into electrical power, but if your battery seems to be dying constantly, this is an indicator that your alternator may be bad. This could also cause engine problems or a no-start situation.

    BMW Battery Check

    Tanner Motors Will Replace Your Battery

    At Tanner Motors, we have served clients in Phoenix, AZ for a number of years and are a trusted name in the community. We specialize in a number of cars, which ensures that our service center will have a new battery for your BMW model.

    Don’t settle for a faulty battery when you can have your car working properly with just a simple change. Please give us a call or visit us today for your BMW needs. We look forward to earning your trust and long-standing business.

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