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  • The Leading Repair Shop in Phoenix to Address Drivetrain Issues in a Lexus

    Posted on January 23, 2022 by tannerwpuser
    Lexus Drivetrain

    A Lexus is a beautiful vehicle with luxury, style, and a comfortable ride all in one package. A downfall of owning a Lexus is the drivetrain issues. You probably noticed that your new Lexus came with a drivetrain warranty. Should you experience an issue, your vehicle is covered. But what happens when you are out of warranty?

    It is helpful to know the signs of a drivetrain issue, to ensure you can get the problem fixed by a professional repair shop before the issue results in your Lexus completely failing.

    What is the drivetrain?

    The drivetrain is the component of the vehicle that provides power generated from the engine to the driving wheels. It propels the vehicle. The components of the drive-train are the transmission, driveshaft, u-joints, cv-joints, differentials, and axle shafts.

    • Transmission: Allows the driver to change gears as required. The transmission also transfers power from the engine to the wheels.
    • Driveshaft: The driveshaft connects transmissions to the rear axle via the u-joints. The driveshaft provides power from the transmission the other parts of the vehicle.
    • CV Joint: The constant-velocity joint (CV joint) CV Joints are typically found on front-wheel drive vehicles. It allows a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at constant rotational speed, without an appreciable increase in friction or play.
    • U-Joint: The universal joint (u-joint) usually found on both ends is a flexible point on the driveshaft that allows the shaft to pivot and move when the vehicle goes over bumps or dips in the road.
    • Differential: This is the unit that contains the axle gears and the differential. The differential is found on the front axle for front-wheel drive, the rear axle for rear-wheel drive, and both axles for all-wheel drive.
    • Axle Shafts: On either side of the rear differential are the axle shafts. The axle shafts help deliver power from the differential to the rear-drive wheels.

    Signs of Drivetrain issues

    Often the lines are blurred when it comes to drivetrain issues and transmission issues as they are part of the same system. If you do have a drivetrain issue, you must seek professional help from trusted mechanics, as the consequences are as severe if you had an issue with your transmission. If you notice any of these common signs perhaps your Lexus has drivetrain issues.

    • Vibrations resonating from under the vehicle: When your vehicle’s u-joints are worn out, you will feel an intense vibration coming from under the vehicle.
    • Leaking Transmission Fluid: When the above-mentioned vibrations are left unchecked the problem becomes worse. Next, you will find that the transmission fluid will begin to leak.
    • Abnormal Noises: A grinding noise when shifting gears is an indication of a drivetrain issue. When there is a loud clicking sound while driving the CV joints are most likely damaged. A good rule of thumb to follow is that should you hear any kind of loud unusual sound resonating from under your vehicle, you should book the vehicle in for a check with a trained professional.
    • Issues While Turning: Since the drive shaft provides power from the engine to the wheels, an issue with the driveshaft may result in problems when trying to turn. The wheels becoming less or unresponsive is extremely dangerous not only to you but other vehicles, and could cause an accident.
    • Problems when Accelerating: If you are driving and notice a shuddering when accelerating or if you lose power when you accelerate this could be because of a failed drivetrain.
    • Warning light: Some vehicles have a warning light to indicate issues with the drivetrain. If you notice this light on your dashboard switch on take your Lexus into a repair center as a priority. Any issue with the drivetrain means that your vehicle could fail. If you notice any of these above mentioned or if your warning light comes on it is best to seek professional assistance as a matter of urgency.

    Lexus Drivetrain Issue Fix

    The Best Repair Center for Your Lexus

    If you are in and around Phoenix, Arizona, Tanner Motors is waiting to assist you. We are the most preferred European repair center in Phoenix. Our family-owned business opened its doors in August 2004 and has been committed to offering the best service at the most affordable price. We help Lexus drivers keep their vehicles regularly serviced and maintained.

    If your Lexus has a drivetrain issue, or if you are looking for a reliable service centre, come see us at 10221 North Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ or call us to book an appointment on 602-241-9888.

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