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  • The Best Service Station To Fix a Lifter Tick in BMW in Phoenix

    Posted on May 4, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    BMW Car

    When you purchase a BMW, you are getting an amazing performance vehicle with some of the best technology inside. BMW’s are prized for their strength and endurance and the dynamic abilities in their design. However, many car owners have noticed that the BMW engine, especially the N52 engine, seems to have a lifter tick issue.

    The lifter tick issue is prevalent in the motor of the BMW and will show up when you are in a lot of traffic, when the temperatures are cold outside, and after you reach more than 50,000 miles on your vehicle.

    Working with a quality mechanic in your area is the best way to diagnose and fix the lifter tick sound in your BMW.

    The Lifter Tick In Your BMW

    BMW’s are one of the best quality makes of cars on the road today. They are packed full of innovation and comfort, making your ride enjoyable and invigorating. However, there are some flaws that come with the engine in these cars that can be annoying to car owners. Lifter ticking is one of the problems that can occur in a BMW engine.

    Lifter ticking is a nuisance and it is hard to address the problem without the right team to diagnose it. The problem is most common in the N52 engine. It is not noticeable right away if you purchase the BMW, since this kind of sound is more likely to happen when you reach the 50,000 mile mark on the vehicle. Some drivers do notice this before this point, but it seems to get worse once you surpass this mileage.

    This is a common problem in BMW’s, especially ones that have the N52 engine in them. This problem has become so widespread that many drivers will notice it and do nothing about it. Sometimes the problem will even persist after the right car maintenance is done on the vehicle. It is still a good idea to get the problem checked out to make sure your vehicle is not having a different issue that goes undiagnosed.

    What Causes Lifter Ticking in Your BMW

    This lifter tick seems to show up in your BMW car once it reaches 50,000 miles. Around that time, the hydraulic valve lifter may begin to cause some problems. Most BMW owners of this model will start to hear an annoying ticking noise.

    While it is common for any type of car to make some occasional noises, the lifter ticking that shows up in the BMW is most noticeable after taking some short trips through town, especially if you are in traffic that stops and goes often. It is also more noticeable if the outside temperature is a little bit colder.

    The main cause of this lifter ticking is traced back to the hydraulic valve lifter that is present in the engine. This is often not a huge problem with the vehicle, though the sound can get annoying with time.

    Without the right knowledge of BMW vehicles, this is a difficult problem to diagnose. The best way to get the problem fixed is for a trusted mechanic, who is familiar with this BMW problem, to replace the hydraulic valve lifter. A reputable auto repair shop, like our team at Tanner Motors, is the best choice to help you get this process done properly.

    BMW Lifter Tick Issue Check

    Choosing the Best Service Station to Fix a Lifter Tick in Phoenix

    When you have a problem with a lifter tick in your BMW, it is important to find the best service center in Phoenix to help solve the problem. Our professionals at Tanner Motors are here to help. We can take a look to see what is causing the lifter tick in your vehicle and get the problem fixed, without spending a lot of time and money on the problem.

    At Tanner Motors in Phoenix, AZ, we are happy to help you with all of your BMW repair needs. Whether you just need a simple oil change or you need something like the lifter tick fixed, our team is here to help. Call us today for all of your BMW servicing needs.

    * BMW Car image credit goes to: Ingus Kruklitis.

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