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  • Symptoms of an Engine Mount Failure in Your Mini

    Posted on June 21, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    MINI Damaged Engine Mount

    The engine mount is a critical component under the hood of your Mini. It is integral in keeping your engine functional. Should you find yourself with a failing engine mount, it is imperative to seek out a certified mechanic for repairs. Below we will go over symptoms to look out for and why this part may fail.

    What is an engine mount?

    An engine mount, also known as a motor mount, is made up of blocks of rubber mounted onto steel brackets which are bolted in place to support the engine. They also aid in reducing the amount of engine vibration felt and noise heard within the engine compartment.

    The rubber is designed to protect not only the engine but all parts surrounding the engine from damage. It holds the engine in place to keep it from freely moving about, potentially damaging all parts around it.

    Symptoms of a Failing Engine Mount

    When a part begins to fail within your Mini, it will start showing warning signs. It is important that you know what to look for.

    A loud engine is a common sign of a failed engine mount. The rubber surrounding the engine acts as a sound barrier. If you hear a knocking sound from under the hood, it is key to seek a professional opinion immediately, as continuing to drive could cause serious engine damage.

    Another common sign is increased vibrations felt within the passenger compartment. The engine mount is designed to hold the engine in place, reducing the amount of movement it allows. When the engine moves more than normal, more vibrations may be felt within the vehicle.

    Lastly, and one of the most obvious signs is engine misalignment. When the engine mount fails to hold the engine in place it may appear off-center or one side may appear to be sitting lower than the other. A misaligned engine is not something to ignore as it can cause major damage to the engine and everything around it.

    Engine damage is the end result of an ignored failing engine mount. When the engine lacks proper support it is able to bounce and move freely resulting in significant damage.

    Causes of Engine Mount Failure

    There are several reasons as to the failure of the engine mount. Listed below are some of the most common causes. An engine mount that has been poorly installed may mean that your engine itself was mounted incorrectly causing the engine mounts to fail prematurely.

    Over time your vehicle is subject to normal wear and tear on all parts including the engine mount. After some time the rubber your engine mount is made of deteriorates and cracks, resulting in it needing to be replaced.

    A vehicle with a manual transmission uses the same rubber engine mount as an automatic engine. When the driver over revs a manual transmission can damage the engine mount making it fail more quickly than it should.

    Last, it is not uncommon for a bad batch of manufactured parts to be released such as defective engine mounts.

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