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  • Signs of Air Suspension Failure in Your Mercedes S Class

    Posted on October 2, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Mercedes S Class Air Suspension

    Many vehicles are considered both high-performing and reliable, but few compare to the Mercedes S Class. A large reason for that powerful performance is due to the high-quality parts that are used during the manufacturing process of the vehicle. Some of these parts have larger importance than others and should be treated as such.

    Any problem under the hood should be taken care of immediately, especially if you believe your vehicle is having air suspension failure. This can occur for a number of reasons, and any problem with the air suspension system can have serious repercussions for the vehicle. Do not hesitate to take your car right away when experiencing difficulties.

    The Function of the Mercedes Air Suspension System

    In overview terms, the air suspension system ensures the driver and passengers have an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride. Self-leveling features are used in Mercedes S Class models that adapt to the terrain to ensure the proper suspension is utilized for a flawless cabin experience.

    The suspension system uses actual bags filled with air to take the place of coiled springs. These pressure-filled bags are made up of the same rubber as your tires. They can inflate or deflate at the touch of a button in these modern cars.

    Imagine you are driving on a dirt road with a large number of potholes in your Mercedes S Class. Because of the design of the air suspension, ideally, you won’t scrape the bottom of your vehicle. Pressing a button to adjust the height of the vehicle will simply keep it safe. So let’s take a closer look at what happens when the system fails.

    Common Causes of Air Suspension Failure

    There are a number of causes for potential air suspension failure. We will list a few of the most common reasons you can experience a problem.

    Air Spring Leaks

    As mentioned, the air springs in your vehicle are responsible for inflating and deflating at the push of a button. With that being said, sometimes they may not work properly, and the rubber casing may develop holes as it deteriorates. This would result in a potential air suspension failure.

    Faulty Air Compressor

    The air compressor in your vehicle is an important part that keeps the bags of air inflated or allows them to deflate. Should this component go bad, your Mercedes may not even move when you hit the button to change suspension height.

    Excessive Moisture

    An air drier is a component in the air suspension system. It is supposed to remove moisture from the air. If this drier goes bad, the air within the system may be too moist, which will cause problems for your vehicle. Namely, the moist air could damage other components in this intricate system.

    Recognizable Signs of Air Suspension Failure

    The above causes are just a few possible reasons the system could fail. With that said, there are a wide number of reasons that could cause air suspension failure. Here are two of the most common symptoms that will indicate an air suspension failure.

    Tilting Vehicle

    One of the easiest signs to spot that indicates a problem in the air suspension system is a slight tilt to one side of the vehicle. This means that one of the airbags in the system has not inflated or deflated properly. This results in the noticeable lean towards one side or another.

    No Response When Hitting Button

    You should feel the change in suspension when you hit the button to regulate the air suspension. If there is no discernible difference, the air suspension system may have failed and a bumpier ride will be experienced until properly repaired.

    Mercedes S Class Air Suspension Failure Fix

    Tanner Motors Can Help

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