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  • Replace the Battery in Your Lexus at the Best Service Center in Phoenix

    Posted on December 22, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Corroded Lexus Battery

    The battery of your Lexus is an integral component of what keeps your award-winning car running. Although you can often forget about the importance of the car battery, a number of things can happen when the battery is not functioning properly, including a no-start condition. Batteries can also simply die out naturally and require a replacement in order for your car to be able to function.

    Batteries are subjected to extreme temperatures within your car and can become damaged from heat. Additionally, extreme cold can cause harm to the battery.

    Relative aging is also a factor in your battery’s lifespan. At regular services, it is important to check the battery for signs of aging and wear.

    Some other reasons your battery can die include a lack of maintenance on the battery, for example, not keeping the terminals clean, failure of the voltage regulator in the alternator, and low air temperature, which causes batteries to freeze.

    Additionally, if you let your car sit idly for too long, this can negatively affect your battery as it naturally will have buildup over time. If not driven, the battery can discharge completely and fail to start the engine.

    The main function of the battery of your Lexus is to provide the electrical energy needed for start up. A functional battery is required for the electrical components of your vehicle. The battery also converts chemical energy into the electrical energy. Lastly, it stabilizes the voltage that keeps the engine of your Lexus running.

    Warning Signs Of A Dying Or Depleted Battery

    ● Engine turning over slowly: The engine of your Lexus may make a low, strenuous rumbling sound when you attempt to start your car.
    ● A short pause before the engine eventually turns over. There could be a brief hesitation prior to your car being able to start.
    ● The need to jump-start your car. If you have been forced to jump-start your car recently, it is likely that you might need a new battery.
    ● Signs of corrosion around the battery and its components. White, green, or blue powder can appear around the battery and its surrounding features.

    Negative Effects of a Dead Battery

    If your battery fails completely, your Lexus will not start. The engine may turn over a few times, but ultimately it won’t have enough power to generate a spark to start the ignition process. Other features of your car may also become unresponsive, such as the windows and door locks. This is why it is essential to replace your battery if you recognize any of the above-listed warning signs of a failing battery. Don’t let yourself be stranded without a functioning vehicle. Battery replacement is easy, quick, and inexpensive. As part of car maintenance, it should be done at normal visits to ensure your Lexus is always working properly for you.

    Where to Replace The Battery Of Your Lexus

    You have a number of options in terms of repair shops or dealerships to choose from when determining where and how to replace the battery of your Lexus. Definitively, the best choice is Tanner Motors in Phoenix, AZ.

    Lexus Battery Replacement

    Our automotive dealership and repair shop features the highest-quality of service for your dynamic car and offers a variety of services including complete battery replacement.

    Trust our expert technicians to diagnose issues with your Lexus battery and determine the best course of action to keep your uncompromising vehicle running as smoothly as ever. Our team of skilled and trusted mechanics will efficiently decide what to do about your dead or dying battery and provide you with the best replacement deal in the city.

    In addition to low prices, Tanner Motors guarantees our parts and labor. We always put our customers and your concerns at the top of the priority list every time you walk through our doors. We are dedicated to providing you with a replacement of your battery, one of the most essential pieces of your car. We pride ourselves on quick, efficient, and smooth service.

    When looking to replace your battery in your Lexus, call us at Tanner Motors to set up a convenient appointment.

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