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  • Reasons for Mass Airflow Sensor Failure in a Mercedes from the Certified Experts in Phoenix

    Posted on June 5, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    Mercedes Black Exhaust Smoke

    If you are concerned that the Mass AirFlow (MAF) sensor is failing in your vehicle, you want to understand why this happened. The mass airflow sensor is a part of your car’s electronic fuel injection system. The MAF measures the air flowing into the engine intake. This is an essential part of your Mercedes because this information is critical in calculating how much fuel needs to be added to create a proper air-to-fuel ratio. If your vehicle can not measure this appropriately, your Mercedes may experience performance issues, including damage to your engine.

    Common Causes of Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

    Typically, contamination is the reason why a mass airflow sensor fails. Dirt, air, and other road debris can get into the sensor, which causes it to begin to fail. As a driver, you might notice that your car is just not responding the way it once did. You could notice rough idling, stalling, and an overall sluggish driving experience.

    Although this is an issue that is more prone to older cars. The more time has passed, the more opportunity debris has to gain entrance and find its way into the sensor. However, this has been an issue in some cars that have less than 25,000 miles. Usually, this happens with smaller and compact vehicles. The MAF is placed in a smaller engine bay which puts them more at risk for contaminants, such as debris and vapor from the combustion and oil.

    Some other things that can cause this failure include:

    • damaged measuring elements
    • measuring element drift
    • contact fault at the electrical connections
    • mechanical damage from excessive vibrations or a collision

    Seven Signs of Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

    If you are unsure if your car is already experiencing this issue, check out the list below of seven potential signs that your mass airflow sensor is failing. If your vehicle is exhibiting these signs, you should contact your mechanic and set an appointment today.

    • Illuminated check engine light: If your check engine light or service engine light becomes illuminated, this could sign an issue with the MAF. However, this light can come on for many reasons. You will need to have your auto shop hook your vehicle up to the diagnostic computer to get the exact cause.
    • Black exhaust smoke: Sometimes the issue makes the car run so badly that you will notice black smoke coming from your exhaust.
    • Hard time starting your car: Issues with the MAF are related to the fuel injection system. Because of this, you may notice that sometimes starting your car is more problematic than others. If your vehicle is not getting the correct fuel injection ratio, your vehicle may not start on the first try.
    • A rough idle: Another place you might notice an issue is when you are stopped at a traffic light or sign. Your car may exhibit a rough idle due to its inability to have the proper amount of fuel injected to keep it running smoothly in all circumstances.
    • Trouble with acceleration: You could also have issues with acceleration, including trying to get to the correct speed to pass other vehicles or while attempting to merge on the highway.
    • Poor fuel economy: When your Mercedes is suffering from this type of issue, it loses its ability to be fuel-efficient. As a result, when the wrong amounts of fuel are being injected, you are inefficient, and you will need to stop for gas more often.
    • Engine hesitations or sudden jerks: Finally, you may notice an overall rough ride. Your engine could either hesitate or suddenly jerk, which can be jarring and concerning when it happens.

    Mercedes Mass Airflow Sensor Inspection

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