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  • Reasons Behind Gear Shifting Issues in Your Mercedes Benz

    Posted on March 30, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Mercedes Benz Gear Shifting Issues

    When you experience issues with your Mercedes Benz while shifting gears, the gear selector may be to blame. A malfunctioning or failing gear selector is a common problem with Mercedes Benz vehicles, so it is best to be informed and diligent about preventative care.

    Today, we’re going to discuss the gear selector, why it may be failing, and the warning signs of this failure. We’ll also tell you exactly how to deal with the issue before it becomes an extremely frustrating (and expensive) inconvenience.

    Warning Signs of Gear Selector Failure

    When your Mercedes Benz has a faulty or failing gear selector, you will notice some changes in your driving experience, particularly while shifting gears. If you notice any of the following things happening while you shift, it’s a definite sign that you should get your vehicle examined and repaired as soon as possible.

    The first and most obvious sign of gear selector failure is difficulty shifting gears. If your Mercedes has an automatic transmission, every shift should be smooth and almost effortless. When you have trouble shifting consistently, you should know that something is malfunctioning. This can also be dangerous if you need to reverse quickly.

    If your gear selector is malfunctioning, you may also notice concerning noises coming from the selector. This will present itself as a clicking or grinding noise while you try to shift.

    It’s always important that you pay attention and take note of any changes in your driving experience, as even the subtlest noises can be an indicator that something is wrong.

    Reasons Behind Gear Selector Failure

    A failing gear selector is not at all uncommon in Mercedes Benz vehicles, and here are a few reasons why they might be doing so:

    Your transmission is wearing down

    The transmission in your Mercedes is an intricate part made up of smaller parts working together to keep your car running properly. Because there are so many pieces, one could wear down and take all of the others down with it in a domino effect. This is why preventative maintenance is crucial. This keeps your transmission from wearing down sooner than it should.

    The valve body is failing

    The valve body in a transmission keeps hydraulic fluid flowing through the transmission so that you can shift gears smoothly and without issue. When it fails, your gear selector can’t do its job properly. This is why getting your Mercedes inspected regularly by a team of professionals is so important. They can catch this problem before it becomes a major inconvenience to you.

    There was an error in manufacturing

    Through even the most rigorous tests, mistakes sometimes fall through the cracks. If your Mercedes is having trouble shifting gears, one part of the car may not have been assembled properly.

    The Importance of Prompt Repairs

    Inspecting and repairing your Mercedes Benz vehicle as soon as possible is vital. When you procrastinate, your car will suffer more damage as a result. One faulty piece can damage all the others around it until the mounting problems stop you in your tracks.

    How to Deal With Gear Selector Failure

    If you believe that your Mercedes Benz vehicle is currently suffering from gear selector failure, you need to have it inspected immediately. The longer that you wait, the more damage to your car, as the failure begins to cause further issues.

    Mercedes Benz Gear Shifting Issue Fix

    The professionals at Tanner Motors are here to inspect, repair, and replace any parts causing your vehicle issues so you can get back out on the road in no time. For over 15 years, we have been committed to servicing European vehicles in the metro Phoenix area. When you bring your Mercedes to us, you can trust that our automotive specialists will make the proper repairs without needing a return visit for the same issue.

    In addition to servicing Mercedes Benz vehicles, we also service:

    If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area and need your European vehicle repaired by some of the best automotive technicians around, make an appointment with the team at Tanner Motors. Call (602) 241-9888 for scheduling or to address any concerns/questions you may have. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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