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  • Overcoming Gear Selector Issues in a Mercedes From Certified Mechanics in Phoenix

    Posted on April 18, 2022 by tannerwpuser
    Mercedes Gear Selector Issue

    Due to its luxury, elite engineering, and perfect performance, the Mercedes Benz has become a top-rated vehicle in the modern automotive industry. Over the years, many Mercedes models have shown signs of a gear selector issue. Time, usage, and handling behaviors can promote this problem. When your Mercedes develops a gear selector issue, it becomes difficult to drive the vehicle, be it manual or automatic transmission.

    Notable Signs of an Imminent Gear Selector Issue

    Usually, before a major vehicle issue occurs, there are always some signs which serve as warnings to car owners. However, many drivers are not able to understand these indicators, and they end up ignoring them, leading to frustrating issues with their vehicles. Some notable signs of an imminent gear selector issue include the following discussed below:

    • Resisting Gear Changes: In a Mercedes Benz, the gear changing process should be smooth and swift, regardless of your transmission type. However, when this gear changing process becomes difficult or you notice any form of resistance while trying to engage the gear, there is an issue with the gear selector. Any difficulty experienced in engaging the gear is a warning sign of an imminent gear selector issue.
    • Gear component making strange noises: As we know, the gear component is usually quiet and devoid of noise. The components of the gear system can experience wear and tear which is attributed to friction and extreme heat. Invariably, this causes the gear system to make grinding noises when trying to engage the gear.
    • Gears begin to slip: When you try to accelerate but the gear unexpectedly drops to a lower gear, this is an indication of a gear selector issue. A faulty component in the transmission system can cause this issue. Also, a change in the pressure can make the gears slip. Should this scenario occur, your best bet is to bring your Mercedes Benz to our experts for an inspection to find the source of the problem.
    • Limp Mode: When your Mercedes Benz enters limp mode, it becomes obvious there is an issue with the transmission which translates to a gear selector issue. Gear selector issues can make the vehicle immovable, and as such, it’s best to visit a certified repair shop to fix the issue before it becomes a huge problem that requires a tow.
    • Leaking Transmission Fluid: When you notice a puddle of transmission fluid on the ground, then there is an imminent gear selector problem. For the gear to function properly, the transmission fluid must be plentiful and clean. When there is a leak in the transmission fluid, Mercedes Benz owners are advised to visit our certified Mercedes repair center for a quick and affordable repair.

    Possible Reasons for Gear Selector Issues

    Some reasons that can cause issues with the gear selector include and are not limited to the following:

    • Improper Usage: When the gear component is roughly used, there is a tendency for the selector to have issues. If you have a manual transmission and run it rough, there is more reason for wear and tear to become problematic. Even automatic transmissions can be pushed to their brink. So drive sensibly and utilize your vehicle within reason.
    • Factory Error: Even though the Mercedes Benz is in a class of its own, some production errors do occur. This kind of error is rare, but they can lead to a gear selector issue.
    • Failure of the Valve Body: The valve body helps to ensure a constant flow of the hydraulic needed in changing gears. Any issue with the valve body would mean problems with the gear selector. If you suspect there is a problem with the valve body, bring it to our Mercedes Benz repair center.

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