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  • Indications of a Failing Clutch Cable in Your Audi

    Posted on January 7, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    Audi Clutch Issue

    Audis are known for their smooth ride, reliability, speed, and driving ease. Audi owners know good quality when they see it. But if the clutch cable in your Audi fails, it could cause not only a bumpy ride, but also a slow one.

    In order to give you that smooth ride you love about your Audi, your vehicle comes equipped with a clutch. A clutch is a special car part that engages and disengages your transmission as you drive. This happens most commonly when you go from driving shaft to driven shaft. The job of your clutch is to safely create a connection in between the two so it is easier for you to shift.

    If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area and notice your Audi experiencing clutch cable problems, take your vehicle to Tanner Motors where we will gladly repair your Audi with a smile.

    Your Audi’s Clutch Cable

    While the clutch in your Audi is a special vehicle that connects two parts, a clutch cable is the steel cable found on all manual transmission. Made of a braided steel, the clutch cable connects your Audi’s transmission clutch linkage to the clutch pedal mechanism. The clutch cable pulls on the clutch when the pedal is pressed so that the transmission can be safely shifted while driving your Audi.

    Signs of a Malfunctioning Clutch Cable in Your Audi

    A malfunctioning clutch cable might sound like a small and simple problem to fix, but it is actually something that can cause a huge problem in your Audi. The best way to prevent transmission, brakes, and even engine problems is to catch a failing clutch cable situation as soon as the problem starts. Some of the major signs of a failing clutch cable in to watch out for include:

    A slow-moving car with a quick-moving engine. This is an issue that is often casually referred to by mechanics as clutch slippage. This can easily occur when your Audi’s clutch can no longer make any friction to function properly. This can happen due to a transmission problem or even just typical wear and tear.

    Noises in neutral. If your car is making noises in neutral, it is a pretty clear sign that you need to replace an important part of your clutch cable. Take your car to Tanner Motors as soon as possible to have the part fixed.

    Squealing sounds when the clutch pedal is pressed. If you are experiencing squealing, squeaking, or any sort of crunching sounds when the clutch pedal of your Audi is pressed, this could mean that you have a major issue with your clutch cable. Oftentimes, the lubricant on your clutch cable’s pilot bearing has worn out and needs to be replenished.

    A loud grinding noise when you are trying to drive. Hearing a loud noise of any kind coming from your vehicle while driving is never a good sign. If you hear a loud grinding noise when you try to drive, it could either mean that you have an issue with pressure, or your clutch cable is no longer functioning as it should.

    Your Audi cannot shift into gear. If your Audi cannot shift into gear it means that either your entire clutch is not working, or your clutch cable is bad. Not being able to shift gears is a very serious problem that should be addressed right away. Have your car towed to Tanner Motors for our excellent advice.

    How Tanner Motors Can Help with Your Failing Clutch Cable

    At Tanner Motors in Phoenix, AZ, we Audi Clutch Inspectionare proud to serve Cave Creek, Central Phoenix, Deer Valley, Desert Ridge, Glendale, Moon Valley, North Mountain, Paradise Valley, Paradise Valley Village, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sunnyslope, AZ. Our experienced sales staff prides itself on not only offering a paramount selection of new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs, but also a distinctive and personalized approach to service to match. At Tanner Motors, our customer’s satisfaction is our very first priority and we will make sure to give you only the most superior service available.

    We offer great service with a friendly attitude and can ensure that your Audi’s clutch cable will be thoroughly inspected before the vehicle’s problem is diagnosed. Next, our excellent repair quality and fair prices will have you leaving with a smile with a safe and operating vehicle. Don’t put your Audi’s clutch cable problem off for another minute! Come to Tanner Motors and get it fixed today.

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