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  • How to Handle Blown Fuses in a Volvo S60 in Phoenix

    Posted on July 24, 2022 by tannerwpuser
    Volvo S60 Blown Fuse

    Volvo’s hybrid S60 model is packed with many comfort features in a stylish frame designed to keep you safe while driving. Any of these components may develop a fault due to the electrical current flow. Your hybrid generates battery power by braking and using the internal combustion engine. So to minimize the happening of these faults, your Volvo S60 comes with different fuses.

    The function of a fuse in your Volvo S60 is to prevent the electrical components from being damaged by excess current flow. It is designed to take the fall when there is a power surge, such as a result of a short circuit. This causes the fuse to blow instead of damaging your electrical system entirely. It stops the surge from continuing along the electrical lines throughout your car.

    Whenever any of the fuses in your S60 blow, it is a sign of an underlying electrical problem that needs to be resolved to keep your hybrid functioning properly.

    Reasons for Blown Fuses in your S60

    If you notice that you frequently have blown fuses in your Volvo S60, it could be as a result of any of the following

    Short Circuit in the Car

    Since the fuses are designed to protect the electrical and wiring system in your car, if there is a short electric circuit in the car the fuse will blow out in order to prevent overheating or even melting of the wire. A short circuit occurs when the connection between two conductors is poor. It is also very important to understand what could cause a short circuit in your Volvo S60:

    • The insulator covering the wire in your car’s electrical system may wear out and leave the wire exposed. When this happens the exposed wire may come in contact with the metal of your Volvo S60 and this would cause a short circuit and eventually cause the fuse to blow.
    • When any of the electrical components in your Volvo S60 (such as power locking system, air conditioning system, etc.) develops a fault, it would have more current than required for it to continue working. What then happens is that the circuit would be overloaded with current causing a short circuit.
    • If any of the components of your Volvo S60 engine are leaking, the fluid might fall on the wires causing a short in the circuit.

    Wrong Fuse Replacement

    Another reason why the fuse in your Volvo S60 keeps blowing could be a result of how the fuses were replaced. If you replace a blown fuse with another one having a higher electric current strength, it would definitely blow again. It is important to note that there are various types of fuses according to the material and amperage. Your Volvo S60 manual should contain a chart that shows the different amperage ratings for all the fuses in your Volvo and the circuit they belong to.

    Effects of Blown Fuses in Volvo S60

    The following are some of the things you will notice when your Volvo S60 has a blown fuse(s).

    • The lights in the car (interior and backup lights) may not work.
    • The radio will not turn on.
    • You will be unable to use the turn signal.
    • A blown fuse may prevent your car from starting.

    Although your Volvo S60 may continue to work even with a blown fuse, it is important that you take it seriously because it is a sign of issues with the electrical system in your car. Also when a fuse blows and is not replaced, the component the fuse is connected to is placed at risk of being damaged.

    When you suspect that a fuse in your Volvo S60 has blown, you need to carry visual checks of all the fuses in your vehicle and replace anyone that has blown. You can do this on your own with the aid of your car manual, or bring it to our professional mechanics for assistance.

    Volvo S60 Fuse Replacement

    Tanner Motors Will Replace Blown Fuses in Your Volvo S60

    If you suspect your Volvo S60 has a blown fuse, you can bring it over to our professional mechanics at Tanner Motors, Phoenix, AZ. We focus on repairs and maintenance of your Volvo, Mini Cooper, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and Audi vehicles.

    Our mechanics are factory-trained and are conversant with the latest happenings in the automotive industry. We make use of high-grade equipment for diagnosis, maintenance, and repair services. You can call us or visit our shop at 10221 North Cave Creek Road in Phoenix.

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