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  • How to Deal with a Power Steering Pump Failure in a Mini

    Posted on April 1, 2022 by tannerwpuser
    MINI Steering Wheel Issue

    Power steering pump problems are common with Minis that were produced between 2000 and 2007. The first sign of trouble in the power steering pump is usually a grinding noise in that area. After some time, this grinding noise can graduate in a complete failure of the system.

    When it fails, the power-assisted steering is completely lost. This could be frightening because it can easily result in an accident. So keeping an eye on your Minis power steering pump is very essential for your safety.

    Mini’s Power Steering Pump is Unique

    The Electro-Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering System is an innovative system used in Minis. Larger steering systems are really not ideal for these vehicles because they’re so small. Therefore, they make use of hydraulic and electric steering.

    Power Steering Pump Failure Symptoms

    It’s important to keep your Mini in good working condition for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. If you think you’re having problems with your power steering, it’s highly recommended that you pull over and call the attention of an experienced mechanic. If you continue to drive your car with the faults you observed, it could cause it to break down completely.

    If your power steering pump fails, it would be difficult to control your vehicle. The following are some common signs of a failing power steering pump:

    • Difficulty in Turning Your Steering Wheel: Ideally, it should be very easy for you to turn your Mini’s steering wheel. Your Mini should be able to respond quickly to your commands. Whenever the power steering pump fails, you may notice that turning your car begins to become more difficult. It’s possible that the steering wheel is stiff, and this would result in a delay in response. This is dangerous, especially when you have to get off the road quickly.
    • A Grinding Sound: If you hear a grinding or whining sound, it means the level of fluid is low and it needs to be topped. If this is observed repeatedly, then it might be a sign that the fluids are leaking. The efficiency of a power steering can be negatively affected by leaks. A grinding sound may suggest that the power steering is malfunctioning.
    • Fluid with a Rusty Color: It’s possible that a rusty-colored liquid under your Mini is a power steering leak. If this is the case, the power steering pump will almost certainly need to be replaced.

    Common Causes of Power Steering Pump Failure

    A major source of failure in power steering pumps is heat buildup. It’s a major problem that’s now associated with Minis.

    The pump is located near the road, below the exhaust manifold. It is vulnerable to damage because of its position.

    The fan is also vulnerable to road debris and the elements, making it easy for rocks and debris to gain entry, and causing potential shut down of the fan.

    Avoiding The Failure Of The Power Steering Pump

    If you start to notice signs of failure, please contact our reliable mechanics who can repair your Mini before it completely breaks down. Routine inspections are also critical. We’ll work with you to make sure you never have to face malfunction. Our expert mechanics understand how to repair your MINI’s specific model, and we have an eye for brand-specific issues.

    Power steering pumps in Mini Coopers built after 2007 are newer. These mechanisms were created to address the shortcomings of the previous system. Having the new model does not mean you will not have issues. Make sure you’re up to date on your service schedule so you don’t have to deal with any surprises.

    MINI Power Steering Pump Repair

    Tanner Motors is Your Reliable Mini Service Center

    Tanner Motors is ready to help you if you’re in or near Phoenix, Arizona. We are Phoenix’s most popular European repair hub for MINI owners. Our family-owned company has been dedicated to providing the best service at the most reasonable price since it first opened its doors in August 2004.

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