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  • How to Deal with a Front Strut Failure in Your Volvo

    Posted on November 16, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    Volvo XC90

    The Volvo brand has continued to gain traction in the automobile industry by creating stylist, reliable, high-performance vehicles. For Volvos to maintain their integrity, owner’s should ensure their car gets proper routine maintenance. Without it, wear and tear can affect your drive.

    Volvo drivers may have problems with failure of the front struts of their car. The front strut is located at the top of the shocks or springs that connect the air suspension system to the wheels. This strut of your Volvo primarily functions as a brace to hold your vehicle’s weight as you drive. It also helps to reduce the impact of road bumps and potholes in the cabin, thereby ensuring a smooth ride. When the front struts fail, you and your passengers will feel the effects of road imperfections as you drive.

    Apart from reduced overall performance and uncomfortable driving experience, a failing front strut can endanger your life. Failure of the front struts will also have adverse effects on the suspension, and strain the transmission thereby causing you to spend more money on repairs.

    Common Causes of Front Strut Failure in Volvo

    Like every other mechanical and electrical part of your Volvo, the front struts are susceptible to wear and tear. They need to be checked frequently and replaced when necessary. Natural breakdown of your car’s parts is not the only factor responsible for the failure of the front struts of your Volvo. Other causes include:

    • When making turns, your Volvo is bound to strike curbs, and that strike affects the front strut and other parts of the air suspension system. Making sharp turns around bends will damage the struts of your Volvo. Drive carefully around corners and curbs to avoid hard impacts.
    • Driving through portholes with excessive speed is another way to damage your front struts. The ball joints of the suspension system are also likely to be negatively impacted.
    • When your vehicle’s air suspension starts experiencing rust, it will affect the strut and cause it to fail. Always avoid driving through saltwater or dirty water. Also, it’s important to clean the undercarriage of your car frequently to prevent rust. You can run your Volvo through an affordable self-service car wash with undercarriage services to help prevent this type of damage.

    Symptoms of Front Strut Failure

    If the front struts of your Volvo start failing, you’ll notice some obvious warning signs:

    • Unusual Sounds When Driving Over Bumps: The front strut of your Volvo maintains the chassis, body, and wheel system when you drive over bumps to ensure smooth rides. However, when the front strut is damaged, your Volvo will lose the ability to go over bumps without producing unusual sounds. The sound you hear is a knocking sound like two metals are grinding against each other. The sound usually comes from the front tires as a result of the damaged front strut. When you hear this knocking sound, call a Volvo specialist for help.
    • Uncomfortable Rides: Your Volvo was designed to give you nothing but comfort. But when the front struts fail, the overall performance of your vehicle drops, and you start feeling shocks from hitting bumps and all road imperfections.
    • Drifting: If the front strut fails, then the air suspension system will likely have a fault. Your car may drift from side to side even when you’re in complete control of the steering wheel. Driving a drifting Volvo is risky, so call our Volvo specialists to have it fixed.

    Volvo Front Strut Failure Fix

    Tanner Motors is the Right Solution

    If you experience issues with the front struts of your Volvo, and you live in or around Phoenix, AZ, Tanner motors is the perfect solution for you. At Tanner Motors, we are intentional about maintaining the reliability and performance of Volvos and other European vehicles, including BMW, Mini, Mercedes Benz, and Audi.

    All our mechanics are factory trained and employ the latest tools in diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining your car. We have been in the business of providing premium repair services since 1945, so you can trust us with your vehicle. Our customer service is attentive to your needs and will listen to all your automotive concerns to find the right solutions for your car’s problems.  Contact us today or visit our shop to book an appointment with our specialists!

    * Volvo XC90 image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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