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  • How Often Should You Wax Your Volvo?

    Posted on February 9, 2022 by tannerwpuser
    Volvo Wax Products

    If you know cars well, you would know that a Volvo is a classy automobile. One thing about elegant cars such as this brand is that they require proper maintenance to keep their original value. This includes keeping the paintjob in good condition for many reasons. The more you care for your paint and its protective coating, the more you can avoid rust and also retain a higher resale value.

    Reasons to Keep Your Paint Pristine

    A car wax procedure is a cosmetic refurbishment activity that involves the explicit stripping off of the car’s accumulated dirt and contaminants and carefully polishing the gloss to produce a beautiful, spotless finish. Let’s look more into why you should undertake this auto detailing process:

    • To eliminate the problem of water spots. Waxing your Volvo helps prevent accumulated dirt from gathering after rainfall. The residue from the rain, which stays on your car as spots of water, can cause rust and damage to your car’s paint in the long run.
    • To keep your car protected from harsh sun rays. Like human skin, extreme sunlight can harm your Volvo’s exterior, which is why a car wax process would be beneficial. It will protect your car from harmful sunlight rays and give it a better look.
    • To give your car a glossy finish. In the end, you want your car to look good, and that is one of the reasons you should consider waxing your Volvo. It gives your vehicle a “showroom look,” almost as if it were new again and will increase the resale value to a dealer or to a private buyer.

    Can waxing your car ruin its paint?

    Think of it this way: waxing your car is like a protective bubble. It is basically protection for your car’s paint. Waxing your Volvo does not ruin your car’s paint. It only protects it and makes it last longer.

    Waxing your car too frequently may not damage the paint, but it would likely create a buildup of irrelevant material, especially with the unavoidable clouding problem that comes with constant car waxing. You don’t want to jinx it and create the very problem you’re trying to avoid.

    How frequently should you wax your Volvo?

    If you just purchased your Volvo and it is still relatively new, you should probably not choke your car’s paint job with waxing too often. Generally, a new car may require a car wax process once every six months because, at this stage, not a lot of damage has been done, and contaminants may still be minimal.

    For a Volvo that you’ve had for much longer, you can get your car waxed once every three months (four times a year). You can do this because, at that age, your vehicle may require more intense attention and refurbishment to keep it looking fresh and new.

    Beware to Use the Proper Products

    While you have your Volvo waxed, you don’t want to use any products that the Volvo manufacturer does not endorse. We also strongly advise against using cleaning and sealant products that are supposedly “long-life protection guaranteed” as they rarely guarantee anything. They may likely keep unwanted material locked into your car’s exterior.

    Your car is delicate and requires a gentle touch. If you are in the Phoenix area and your Volvo is due for a wax session, your car needs the best service available, which is why we do what we do.

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