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  • How Can Spark Plug Issues Damage Your Audi?

    Posted on May 2, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Audi Spark Plug Issue

    Audi owners love the performance and reliability of their cars. Audi provides the power that makes driving fun. But when the spark plugs wear out, Audi owners will experience performance problems with their models. To keep an Audi running smoothly, it is important to stay current on the maintenance schedule. Let’s take a closer look at spark plug issues and how they can strain your vehicle.

    Spark Plug Issues Can Damage Your Audi

    Spark plugs are small components that are critical for your car to run. They create a small spark of electricity in the combustion chamber. This tiny spark ignites the fuel, allowing your engine to run, giving you the power necessary for driving.

    A damaged or failing spark plug can cause your engine to misfire. Continuing to drive your Audi when you are experiencing misfires can lead to additional damage. Misfiring isn’t typically dangerous, but your car can lose power and stall, which can be potentially harmful. When it loses power, you can be stranded or have an accident during sluggish acceleration. Misfiring also increases toxic emissions and reduces fuel economy.

    If you are experiencing misfires that cause your check engine light to flash, contact us right away. A flashing light means that the misfires are serious enough to damage your catalytic converter. You don’t want to be forced to replace your catalytic converter, as this component is quite expensive.

    Symptoms of Spark Plug Issues

    There are several symptoms that you may begin to notice when your spark plugs are having issues. If you experience any of the following problems, bring your Audi into Tanner Motors, as we can get your issue resolved before any damage happens to your vehicle.

    Issues Starting

    Your spark plugs play a major role in starting your engine. If they are unable to create the spark that is needed to ignite the fuel, your Audi will not start.


    When a spark plug starts to fail, it may only work intermittently. It might not be able to ignite on command.

    Idles Roughly

    If the spark plugs are failing, they will not be able to ignite the fuel properly. This will result in fuel being burned inconsistently, and you may find yourself filling up more often.

    Decreased Acceleration

    Audis are known for their power. So, when you notice poor acceleration, it could be caused by worn-out spark plugs.

    Decreased Fuel Economy

    Your Audi’s engine is not able to run properly when your sparks plugs are malfunctioning. This leads to a strain on the engine and an increase in fuel consumption.

    Illuminated Check Engine Light

    The computer in your Audi can detect when there is a misfire. This will trigger your check engine light.

    Common Causes of Spark Plugs Failure

    There are several reasons your spark plugs may fail. The most common reason is age. They will wear out over time, due to constant use. Other reasons of spark plug failure include:

    Carbon Buildup

    Carbon buildup looks dry and black. The buildup can be caused by several factors such as a dirty air filter, cracked distributor case, incorrect fuel to air ratio and dirty fuel injectors.

    Contaminated Oil

    Older vehicles can have an issue with oil leaking into the combustion chamber. This is a problem itself. It will also damage your spark plugs. The contaminated oil will lead to buildup which will foul the tip.


    Overheating will cause the spark plug to fail prematurely.

    Improperly Gapped Spark Plugs

    When a spark plug is installed, the gap in the tips must be precise. If it is not, there will be added stress on the tips. This stress will cause the spark plug to erode and wear out quickly.

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    Audi Spark Plug Check

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