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  • Fix Your MINI’s Water Pump Leak at the Best Facility in Phoenix

    Posted on June 3, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    MINI Water Pump

    Mini Coopers are vehicles that are built to last you a lifetime while doing so in a fun and stylish way. The best way to keep your Mini in great running condition is to ensure it is serviced as suggested by the manufacturer. Even with the proper service schedule, there are parts that will require further attention, such as the water pump. Leaks that may occur with this component that can cause trouble for your drive. The below warning signs will help you to identify a leaky water pump and know when it is time to get it fixed.

    The Purpose of the Water Pump

    In order for your Mini to maintain a cool temperature that is optimal for performance, especially during the hot summer months, the coolant needs to continually flow throughout the engine. The coolant comes from the radiator and is circulated through the engine by the water pump. The water pump is located under the timing belt on the side of the engine and has an impeller pump, which allows for easy and more efficient pumping of the coolant.

    The water pump is powered by the rotating engine’s drive belt. As long as the engine’s drive belt is able to function, the blades in the water pump can force coolant from the radiator into the engine and back to the radiator again. Once the coolant is back in the radiator, it is cooled by a forced-air cooling fan. This cycle is repeated the entire time you are driving your Mini. If the water pump begins to fail or gets a leak, then it can have significant negative effects on your entire engine.

    A Leak in the Water Pump

    The most common issue that occurs with a water pump is a leak. The water pump system is made up of multiple gaskets and seals that keep the coolant flowing. Although all the parts in the system are made to last for an extended period of time, they will eventually wear down.

    You will know that the gasket or seals have failed if coolant leaks from the water pump onto the ground under the front of your Mini. One way to identify that it is in fact coolant that has leaked, the puddle underneath your vehicle will be green and have a slightly sweet smell.

    A leak is the easiest way to identify an issue with the water pump, but another sign that you can look for in addition to a leak is whining sounds. Whining sounds mean that the pulley in the water pump is loose. A whining or high pitch sound will come from the front of your Mini as a loose belt circulates around in the engine. The loose belt is caused by a loose pulley or bearing inside of the water pump. If caught early enough, the pulley is easily repaired, but if ignored, the bearing will fail and then the entire water pump will need to be replaced. So these whining sounds accompanied by a coolant leak will indicate to you that the water pump needs to be fixed.

    One last way to know if there is an issue with the water pump is if the engine overheats. The coolant circulating through the engine block is required in order to keep the engine cool while it is running. If the coolant is leaking out, your Mini’s engine will frequently overheat. A leak in the water pump means that not enough coolant is flowing through the engine block to prevent the engine from running hot. First, you will notice the leak, then overheating of the engine will occur.

    Fixing the Leaky Water Pump

    When you see that there is coolant leaking from the water pump, you should bring your Mini in for service, especially if you notice any of the other above-mentioned signs of water pump failure.

    MINI Water Pump Check

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