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  • Fix Your Lexus Power Steering Rack Failure at the Best Repair Shop in Phoenix

    Posted on January 26, 2023 by tannerwpuser
    Lexus Power Steering Rack

    A power “steering rack” is a component that transmits the steering wheel rotation inside of the car to cause tire movement outside of the car. The most recent steering racks have developed either a hydraulic pump or an electrically controlled motor for softening the rotation. The rack is connected through a shaft to the outer steering mechanisms with the rotor or tie rod ends.

    The basic function of your car’s steering system is to help drivers negotiate or change the direction of their car when the steering wheel is rotated. Through this mechanism, your car accurately converts the steering wheel’s turning movement through a steering shaft into a circular or angular rotation to move the wheels in whatever direction, whether right or left, as desired.

    A car’s steering system will multiply the steering input through relief or mechanical advantage to make the wheels of a vehicle easily turn with little effort. The steering ratio for many modern cars is between 12:1 to 20:1, so for each 12-20 degree rotation on a steering wheel, the road wheels will rotate 1 degree.

    Common Signs of a Faulty Steering Rack

    Several signs may occur to indicate your steering rack needs to be serviced and/or replaced. Some of the signs include:

    Common Signs of a Faulty Lexus Power Steering Rack

    • Difficulty turning your steering wheel: Turning your steering wheel when your car is at a standstill is usually more difficult than when a car is at lower speeds. This gets easier as your car’s acceleration When driving on the highway, it feels easier due to high speed and velocity. However, a bad steering rack will always be difficult to turn, even if you’re in motion. This difficulty is a result of an internal problem, usually steering rack issues.
    • Loose steering and wobbling or shaking on the steering wheel: This is characterized by free steering or loose movement of the steering wheel. This can be a result of worn tie rod ends, control arm bushings, or steering gears. Sometimes, this may be adjusted or worked upon, but if it is so bad, the whole steering rack unit may need to be changed.
    • Noticeable fluid leak: Fluids may leak out from seals, gaskets, or even from the power steering pump itself. This reduction in fluid causes a noisy rotation & stiffness of the power steering and may cause it to fail.
    • Your Lexus may pull to one side: Another sign that indicates your steering rack isn’t working well is when it wanders to one side or the other. It becomes difficult to control your Lexus to maintain a steady line down the middle of the lane. This is extremely dangerous because it can lead to loss of control and accidents.

    How to Maintain Your Lexus Steering Rack

    Maintenance of the steering rack isn’t too big a deal. Checking the levels of your steering fluid can save you a whole lot of stress. Always make sure you check for color change as well, as this can be a sign of an underlying problem. Also check to ensure no leaks are observed anywhere around the steering rack or pump.

    Power steering fluids need to be changed within one or two years, depending on your Lexus model. The steering rack contains a filter through which the fluid flows and may pick dust and tiny particles, which can obstruct the flow and movement of other fluid components and create a problem if not replaced or attended to. A Lexus without power steering would require far more effort to turn the steering wheel than a vehicle whose power steering is functioning properly. Again, it can be very dangerous without having full control of your car, so service is a must to keep you safe on the road.

    Lexus Power Steering Rack Check

    Tanner Motors is the Go-To Lexus Shop in Phoenix

    Tanner Motors is the place to go if you’re in need of reliable and affordable Lexus repair and maintenance services. Since you now know the importance of the steering rack, you must ensure that you give the component the best maintenance it deserves by bringing it to our workshop. Our highly-trained mechanics will fix your Lexus problems the first time you bring it to us so you can be confident in your drive. Contact us now to set a convenient appointment.

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