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  • Explanation of An Illuminated Check Engine Light in Your Audi

    Posted on August 15, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Audi Check Engine Light

    There are a number of reasons your Audi’s check engine light may turn on. Even if the problem isn’t serious, you should take your Audi in for inspection to ensure the problem doesn’t escalate into an expensive repair. Let’s take an in-depth look at the possible causes of this important warning system.

    Four Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light

    The check engine light only turns on when absolutely necessary and will need to be turned off by someone in a mechanic shop. As mentioned, there are a number of reasons your check engine light may turn on, ranging in severity from frivolous to potentially catastrophic.

    Failing Oxygen Sensor

    Under the hood of your car, the oxygen sensor is an incredibly important component that regulates the air-to-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber. When this part goes bad, it can cause permanent damage to the performance you love in your Audi. Both the spark plugs and catalytic converter could also be compromised. Rough idling is the largest indicator of a failed oxygen sensor and, when coupled with a check engine light, should be a reason to take your Audi in right away.

    Failing Catalytic Converter

    Quite simply, the catalytic converter turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide before it is released as exhaust. Having a healthy exhaust system is important to a properly-functioning vehicle. Any issues with this system may cause the check engine light to turn on. If your exhaust smells rotten or you notice the color of exhaust has seemingly changed, bring your Audi into a shop for inspection.

    Turbo Problem

    Audi’s are designed to be high performing cars, and any compromised system will cause the check engine light to illuminate. If you happen to notice a drastically-reduced performance along with the check engine light turning on, you may be having a performance-based issue. Reduced power should be easily noticed. Also, if the engine begins to shake or steam, take your car in for diagnostics without hesitation.

    Untightened Gas Cap

    This is what we all hope for when we see the check engine light illuminate on our dashboard.Audi’s typically have a sensor within the gas cap that senses when the cap is not tightened. Forgetting to tighten this cap all the way is a common reason for the light to turn on. So before jumping to the worst conclusion that one of the above problems is to blame, check to make sure your gas cap is tightened all the way. If this was the problem, the check engine light should turn off automatically after sensing the problem has been resolved.

    Why Should You Take Your Car to be Fixed

    It should go without saying that the engine on your vehicle is one of, if not the most crucial components within your Audi. The check engine light has so many potential causes besides the common ones listed above. Driving with the check engine light on can be detrimental even if you don’t notice any outward symptoms from your vehicle.

    As a refresher, the check engine symbol is simply the onboard diagnostic system realizing that something is wrong. More often than not, this computer is accurate and will only turn the light on when something needs immediate attention.

    Don’t ignore the check engine light, as it may result in reduced performance or even harsher emissions that can damage the exhaust system of your car. What may be a quick and cheap fix now could turn into something drastically more expensive down the road.

    How Tanner Motors Can Help Your Audi Problems

    Tanner Motors cares about your vehicle just as much as you do. We have been proudly serving the surrounding areas of Phoenix, AZ for decades. We are a trusted group in the community and put a level of care and quality into our service that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

    We have experience servicing a large number of cars, and this expertise guarantees we can discover the problem behind your check engine light. Not only that, but you can be sure that we will solve your problem in a timely and efficient manner.

    To give your Audi the care it deserves, Audi Broken Catalytic Convertercome into Tanner Motors to see why we are the best option for your Audi’s maintenance and repairs. Alternatively, give us a call and schedule an appointment today. We look forward to earning your trust and patronage.

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