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  • Expert Repair and Replacement of a Leaky Fuel Pump in Your BMW in Phoenix

    Posted on November 3, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    BMW Fuel Pump

    There are certainly serious issues that can occur under the hood of your BMW, which should be addressed right when they occur. Among these problems, issues with fuel pump leaks need to be inspected and repaired by a professional right away. Neglecting a problem as serious as the fuel pump can damage the overall performance of your vehicle in the long run and lead to more costly repairs or stranding on the side of the road.

    The Function of the Fuel Pump

    The fuel pump of your BMW is the unspoken hero that allows your car to drive anywhere at all. Without the fuel pump, there would be no way for fuel to enter your engine bay where it can be combusted and turned into power, which allows you to drive. Understanding this process is imperative to understand why it is necessary to get issues with the fuel pump resolved as quickly as possible.

    Under the hood, a camshaft turns and forces other parts to turn upwards. As this happens, a rubber diaphragm acts as the floor of the fuel pump moves downward. A suction results from this that draws fuel through the fuel pump and towards a one-way valve. From here, the gas is stuck in the chamber until the carburetor allows a certain amount into the engine bay.

    As some of the gas enters the combustion chamber of the engine and is mixed with air so that it can be ignited and turned into power, the diaphragm within the fuel pump loosens up and begins to return to the position it once had. When more gas is needed, the process begins again, and the suction is created so that more fuel can be drawn from the fuel tank.

    Without a working fuel pump, there would be no way for fuel to efficiently get into the engine bay. It’s incredibly important that only a certain amount of fuel be allowed in the combustion chamber at a certain time, and this isn’t possible to regulate without a fuel pump. Should you believe something is wrong with your fuel pump, don’t hesitate to take your car into the shop right away.

    Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

    Fortunately, given the importance of this system, there are a number of warning signs that can alert you to the fact that something may be wrong with the fuel pump of your vehicle. If you spot any of the below signs, take your car in right away to be fixed:

    Your Car Randomly Jerks or Sputters

    If you are driving at normal speeds but suddenly feel your car jerk forward or seemingly halt and sputter before continuing, it’s possible that something is wrong with your fuel pump. This can occur as the fuel flow to your engine is disrupted at the pump and improper amounts of fuel are being transferred.

    Loss of Power When Accelerating

    Losing substantial power when accelerating is another common sign of fuel pump problems. As you reach higher rates of speed, your fuel pump is used more intensely as more fuel is needed. If your pump is beginning to fail, it may not be able to meet this demand and your BMW’s acceleration will be impacted.

    Engine Surges

    Similar to above of your car jerking forward at constant rates of speed, if you suddenly hear your engine sound as if it is working harder before calming down, or even feeling an acceleration despite not touching down on the gas pedal further, it’s possible that the fuel pump is the cause.

    BMW Mechanic Checking Engine Issue

    You Can Trust Tanner Motors

    At Tanner Motors, we firmly believe you should trust us to fix the problems with the fuel pump of your BMW. Our technician’s combined experience of serving clients in the area of Brainerd, MN means that we have the knowledge and skills to help fix your vehicle.

    We understand the importance of the fuel pump to your vehicle’s overall performance. It would be our honor to give your car the highest quality of service so that you can get back to enjoying your drive. Please give us a call or come visit us today to see why we are the best in the business.

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