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  • Different Factors that Lead to a Misfiring Engine in a Lexus

    Posted on October 18, 2020 by tannerwpuser
    Lexus Engine Misfire

    Keeping your vehicle in proper working order should be the priority of any owner of a vehicle as reliable as Lexus. There is a wide array of parts working under the hood of your Lexus car that keeps your vehicle functioning properly and operating smoothly. Any of these parts can have problems arise, and when they do you should take your car to an automotive professional as soon as possible. Never try to fix vehicle problems by yourself as you may not have the technical expertise needed to tackle the issue.

    A misfiring engine can be a serious cause for concern. There are a variety of reasons your engine may be misfiring, but before we get to those we need to look at how exactly your engine works. This will help you to understand where and why your engine may be misfiring, as well as remind you of the sheer importance that your engine holds.

    Your Lexus Engine

    Internal combustion engines are a mechanical wonder that has allowed society to do amazing things. Without them, it would theoretically still take days to reach a new destination. However, along with their amazing mechanical and technological advances, they can also have problems like misfires.

    Your engine is actually powered by thousands of tiny controlled explosions that power your pistons to move up and down. Every time this fuel ignites, the heat and expanding gases that result from the explosion cause the piston to slam down. When you press down on the gas pedal of your car, an air intake valve lets a certain amount of airflow into the combustion chamber.

    After this occurs, something known as the engine control unit detects how much that valve has opened. In turn, it tells the fuel injectors how much gas they should put into the combustion chamber. This specific mixture, created to optimize fuel economy for your vehicle, ignites and the engine produces the power that allows your vehicle to move forward.

    The pistons slamming down in their cylinders is what generates the power for the wheels to be rolling, and the constant slamming of these pistons is what keeps your vehicle moving when you press down on the gas pedal. Therefore, given the intricacy of this system, there are a number of problems that may occur which can cause your engine to misfire.

    Common Causes of a Misfiring Engine

    There are a few common causes that may cause your engine to misfire. Keep an eye out for these causes and get them resolved if you notice them occur.

    Faulty Spark Plugs

    The spark plugs of your vehicle give the car the spark that ignites the air to fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Spark plugs, despite their importance, are a common issue in vehicles. Consider yourself lucky if this is the cause, as spark plug replacements are a relatively easy and inexpensive replacement.

    Bad Air-to-Fuel Mixture

    The air-to-fuel mixture under the hood is key to engine performance. However, if the mixture is off, your engine may struggle and misfire, which sounds almost like a sputtering engine. This air to fuel mixture can result in poor engine performance and you may notice your gas seems to be going down quicker as well.

    Leaking Valves or Gaskets

    There are a number of gaskets under the hood of your car that keeps certain components such as coolant or oil flowing properly throughout the engine. If these fluids are leaking out and not getting to the engine bay, your engine could misfire, as they aren’t doing their respective duties of keeping the engine cool and lubricated.

    Lexus Spark Plug Replacement

    Tanner Motors Can Solve your Engine Misfires

    At Tanner Motors, we understand how important it is to solve engine issues as soon as they occur. With that in mind, our technicians have experience working with clients around Phoenix, AZ, which means they can help solve your unique problem.

    Please give us a call as soon as possible or come visit us when any of the above issues arise. We hope you choose to trust us here at Tanner Motors to service your Lexus needs and get your car back out on the road quickly. We are looking forward to earning your business.

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