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  • Causes of Catalytic Converter Clogs in an Audi from Certified Mechanics in Phoenix

    Posted on December 3, 2021 by tannerwpuser
    Audi Used Catalytic Converter

    Since the emergence of the Audi brand in the automobile industry, the structural integrity and functionalities have never been compromised. Owners of Audi can boldly say, “You get what you are promised,” and that is a simple truth. They deliver on their promises, and as an owner, you have the responsibility of maintaining your Audi by using their maintenance schedule. After driving your Audi for a long time, some of its parts will become damaged due to wear and tear or maintenance negligence.

    One of the components of your Audi that is prone to failure is the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is as important as the engine of your car. Without it, your car is a moving emitter of dangerous gases. Later in this article, we will discuss why the catalytic converter is so important, what causes the clogging, and what signs to look out for when it becomes clogged.

    The Function of a Catalytic Converter

    The catalytic converter is an essential component of the emission system found in your Audi. The catalytic converter was developed to last car owners for a long time, but it may fail earlier than expected due to clogging and premature wear.

    As the name implies, the catalytic converter converts harmful gases released by the internal combustion engine into safe gases or emissions that leave your vehicle through the exhaust pipes. When the catalytic converter becomes clogged, it loses its ability to convert the gases and emits them into the atmosphere.

    Causes of Catalytic Converter Clogs in Audi

    The clogging of the catalytic converter of your Audi could result from three major factors which include:

    • Contaminants: Over time, specks of dirt and debris buildup inside the converter. The dirt might include the gases, engine oil, transmission fluid, or coolant. Whichever one it is, the conversion gets clogged by them, which eventually impairs its proper functionality.
    • Misfiring engines: When the engine in your Audi misfires, it causes heat buildup, and the engine will become hotter than normal. In turn, the catalytic converter will have to accommodate the overheated gases capable of melting the catalysts Since the catalytic converter is not made for such temperature, it will become blocked by those overheated gases.
    • Engine running rich: The engine of your Audi can only run rich when the fuel is more than air inside the engine. This is usually due to faulty sensors such as the MAF and oxygen sensors. For the engine to run smoothly, the fuel and air must be in almost perfect equilibrium. If the engine runs too rich, it will misfire easily, and the catalytic converter will become clogged with gases.

    Signs of Catalytic Converter Clogs in Audi

    A clogged catalytic converter affects various parts of your Audi. That is why when it becomes clogged, your car exhibits some or all of the signs written below.

    • When the catalytic converter of your Audi becomes clogged, it will no longer be able to convert harmful gases, thereby causing your vehicle to fail emission tests. You will also smell chemical-like odours coming from the exhaust.
    • The performance of your Audi will reduce significantly because of the pressure buildup inside the intake and exhaust system.
    • Your Audi will burn fuel faster than normal, leading to a reduced fuel economy.
    • The check engine light will become illuminated.
    • You will hear rattling sounds from the catalytic converter. The rattling sound might either mean it is clogged or completely damaged.

    Audi Catalytic Converter Inspection

    Tanner Motors to the Rescue!

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