Get All of Your Mercedes Repairs at Tanner Motors

Mercedes-Benz stands as one of the most successful European luxury brands on the market. More than simply a luxury vehicle, Mercedes represents the peak driving experience. Mercedes vehicles need regular repairs and servicing just like any other vehicle on the market. At Tanner Motors, our factory-trained technicians have years of experience working on Mercedes-Benz. Let our team help you get back on the road quickly! You shouldn’t have to go to multiple shops to get your Mercedes-Benz repaired completely. At Tanner Motors, you’ll get all of the Mercedes repair work that you need at one location. Our team will run diagnostic tests, including computer scans, visual and physical inspections, and test drives, in order to figure out what’s ailing your vehicle. After this process is complete, we’ll provide you with our honest repair recommendation. We will never pressure you to make a repair decision, as you always remain in control of the repair process.

Mercedes-Benz Repair in Phoenix, AZ
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Here’s Why Mercedes-Benz Owners Are Choosing Tanner Motors

Phoenix-area residents choose Tanner Motors because we provide high-quality Mercedes repairs at affordable prices. We’ve developed trust with the community because we provide lasting repairs— a fact on which we pride ourselves. When you bring your Mercedes into our shop, we’ll answer any questions you have and treat your vehicle with care. Here are some of the reasons Phoenix chooses Tanner Motors:

· Professional team
· Affordable service with dealership-quality repairs
· Factory-trained technicians
· Customer focus
· Preventative approach
· Expedited repairs

Here Are Several of The Mercedes Repairs We Offer

At Tanner Motors, we offer a wide array of Mercedes repair services, from the most simple to the most complex. We repair any and all Mercedes-Benz models, from C-Class, E-Class and S-Class, to GL, M, SLK and more.

Our Promise

A Team You Can Trust

We understand the European auto repair process can be stressful. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a positive reputation in the Phoenix community as an auto shop that truly cares about our customers. You can trust and rely on our entire team for any European auto repair you need. More than just the quality of our work, it’s about the relationships we build with our customers and our honesty in sharing information about each repair.

No Pressure Recommendations

No one should feel pressured to make vehicle repair decisions. We leave this choice completely up to you. We’ll provide you with our findings from the diagnosis process, then make an honest recommendation about the European auto repairs we believe should be completed in the near future. With no pressure from us, you are free to make any decision that makes you comfortable. We’ll start the European auto repair process only after you give us authorization.

Mercedes-Benz Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Get Skilled, Experienced Technicians

We take pride in providing factory-trained and focused technicians who know how to provide superior auto repairs and services. Our technicians use their mechanical skill to provide long-lasting repairs so you won’t have to worry about your electrical system.

Accurate Diagnosis

Getting accurate diagnostics is very important. We use the most modern diagnostic tools, along with old-fashioned visual and physical inspections in order to figure out what’s ailing your vehicle.

No-Pressure Recommendation

After figuring out what’s wrong with your vehicle, we will provide you with a no-pressure recommendation. We want you to feel completely comfortable, and we’ll never pressure you into making an uncomfortable repair decision. We won’t start work until you give us full authorization to do so. You are always in control of the repair process when you come to us.

Efficient, professional, and friendly

As a middle-aged, single female who drives an older car, and who has also moved around a lot, I have spent hours and hours researching mechanics ... reading reviews, asking neighbors, calling the shop itself to ask questions. Now that I will be here long term, I am so happy that I won't have to go through that process anymore as I am happy to have found my go-to auto repair shop, which is Tanner Motors. They are professional, knowledgable, approachable, courteous ... I can't even think of anything else I could ask for. The shuttle service they provide is so considerate. AND even though they aren't a VW shop, they have my '03 VW running better than ever. Thank you guys so much for taking the extra time to answer questions / explain issues and to ensure my car is running so well. Even though it's old, you treated it as importantly as if it were a new ride that I needed for work. THANKS AGAIN!!!


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